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Peter Mulryan and Kieran Curtin founded Blackwater Distillery back in 2012 when, as Peter is on record saying, "...we hadn't an arse in our trousers". Things have scaled up in the past 6 years and with Peter rated as one of the 20 most influential people in a resurgent Irish Whisky scene. And, yes that's whisky without an e. With the marvellous habit of being a wind up merchant, Blackwater's social media is a mix of news about superb new products the guys are making and the hounding of many a dubiously suspect provenance lauding brand. Conscientious objectors to Whiskey and moralists of an anti-temperance cloth, it's not just whisky and social media that Blackwater are shaking up with awards filling up the cabinets for their various gin incarnations the guys are to moving to a new distillery with two beautifully designed Italian stills now set to be housed in an old almost derelict hardware and furniture shop in Ballyduff, in West Waterford along the banks of their name sake river, Blackwater. Peter has said that a good gin should come in waves, it's safe to say we reckon a good distillery should be half as good as Blackwater at making waves in their various forms.

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