It was in 2014 that Stefan Winterling and Eva Maier first started to distil their distinctive Mallorcan gin, Gin Eva. Stefan and Eva are both winemakers by trade. Stefan’s family own vineyards in the Pfalz region of Germany, so it was a natural path for him to follow. When training in Germany, he met Eva, a Spanish oenologist and shortly after moved to Spain so they could be together. Mallorca is jokingly called Germany’s 17th state because of the number of German tourists, so it may seem the obvious choice for the couple to have set up home there. The very first experimental batch of Gin Eva was made in the couple’s kitchen. Things have moved on since then with Stefan able to dedicate himself full-time to the distillery in late 2017. The gin is still produced entirely by hand in a 150-litre copper still. Great is taken care with each tiny batch and only 70 bottles are made with each distillation. Each Gin Eva ingredient is chosen by Stefan and Eva to infuse the gin with the local flavour, producing a liquid essence of Mallorca. Local shores are abundant with Phoenician juniper, which is a wild variety that thrives in warm climates on sandy and rocky soils. There are higher amounts of essential oils contained in its berries than in the northern European juniper varieties most often used in gin-making, which are sweet and fruity in flavour. Mallorcan juniper results in herbaceous flavours along with a hint of sea salt that tells of its coastal origin. The juniper for Gin Eva is all collected by hand from the dunes of El Trenc, a stretch of white sand beach towards the southern tip of the island.

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More from Gin Eva

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