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Craft Beer

Each month, Flavourly’s resident beer geeks scour the globe for the most delicious craft beers the brewing world has to offer, from hoppy pale ales to robust stouts and everything in between.

Tiny Rebel Wild Beer Co Beavertown and To Ol

Featuring only the absolute best craft breweries in the UK (and beyond), each beer is hand-selected by our experts to quench your thirst for adventure.

Wild Beer Co Millonaire

Millionaire by The Wild Beer Co. is dessert in a glass. A rich, creamy and decadent milk stout brewed with cocoa nibs, caramel and Cornish sea salt.

Tiny Rebel Cwtch

Former Champion Beer of Britain, Cwtch (Welsh for cuddle) is a Welsh red ale of epic proportions, with caramel malts and big American hops.

The Makers

As well as 8 incredible, small batch craft beers, you’ll get a copy of the Flavourly Magazine featuring tasting notes for the beers in your box, articles all the about the breweries, delicious recipes and more!

to your tastes

Everyone is unique and so is our beer club. With Flavourly, you can choose from a light or mixed style box so the craft beers we send you are always to your tastes.

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