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What is Subscribe & Save?
You receive a discount on our already low prices by subscribing to regular deliveries at a frequency that works for you.

How does it work?
Choose how often you want a delivery, sit back relax and we'll automatically send your subscription box of 20 craft beers right to your door. Simple!

What’s the catch?
There isn’t one! Adjust your frequency at any time. Cancel any time with the click of a button. No contract, no commitment, just great tasting beers at unbeatable value.

Subscribe & Save
Flavourly Curates
  • Each Month's Box Contains:
  •  20 exclusive craft beers
  •  Fresh, Exciting Crowdsourced Collaborations

Each month we feature an exclusive selection of our Crowdsourced Collaborations; often alongside an awesome guest beer or two from one of our favourite breweries.

Your case will contain exclusive collaborations with some of the UK's best breweries like; Wild Beer Co, By The Horns, Fourpure, Loch Lomond, Black Isle, First Chop and more!

Shown is an example of a previous case, exact contents will be selected from our range of exclusive collaboration beers.

Every 2 Months
Every 3 Months

Subscribe & Save FAQs

Why should I Subscribe & Save?

Subscribe & Save is a great option for those looking to keep their fridges stocked up with great-tasting, fresh craft beer at incredible value for money (20 craft beers for just £26.90 with FREE delivery).

However, it is not a Discovery Club; so, if you’re interested in discovering a brand-new selection of craft beers each month – check out our Craft Beer Club.

Will I receive a completely new selection of beers in each delivery?

No, some beers may be repeated on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. We do however try to keep your selection as varied and as fresh as possible!

How much does it cost?

You’ll receive 20 craft beers for just £26.90 with FREE delivery. That’s 10% off our standard price of £29.90, every time PLUS Free delivery worth £5.95.

Is there a contract? How do I cancel?

No contract. No commitment. Cancel anytime. Simply head to your account on flavourly.com and cancel with the click of a button.

How often will I be charged/receive deliveries?

You choose! You can receive your beers every one, two or three months.

How many different beers will I receive in each box? Will there be duplicates?

This will vary from month to month. We aim to give each Subscribe & Save delivery as much variety as possible while still allowing you to enjoy the beers more than once. Expect between four and ten different beers in your box, and no more than five of any one beer.

Will I receive the same selection of beers every time?

No. Each month, our in-house team of beer experts will curate a box from our Crowdsourced Collaborations (and the occasional guest beer) to make a great selection for you to enjoy.

We are, however, looking into offering the option to Subscribe & Save to a specific box/set of beers for those who know exactly what they like. Watch this space!

Will I be able to see exactly what’s coming to me each month?

We’ll list the month’s beer selection on flavourly.com/beer/sub-save. Or you can enjoy a wee surprise when your box appears! It’s up to you.

Will I receive glasses/snacks/a magazine?

Each box will contain a copy of our exclusive magazine and a tasty snack to enjoy with your beers. No glasses (unless we’re up to something special!).

I don't like certain beers; can I have those removed and replaced with something else?

Not at the moment. Currently, we’re offering one option which all Subscribe & Save members will receive that month. We are looking into introducing new choices and options for Subscribe & Save for those who know exactly what they like. Watch this space!

How does this help the UK to drink better beer?

We’re making it more affordable and convenient than ever to access fresh and great-tasting craft beers at home. We’re introducing the nation to the best brewers in the country (and beyond) because we only work with brewers we love ourselves. Plus, we only sell by the case – perfect for sharing and introducing even more people to better beer.

How do we manage to do this?

We collaborate directly with the best brewers in the country, buy the beers in big volumes and we only sell them by the case. Through volume, collaboration and working directly with our favourite craft brewers, we’re able to pass the savings on to you, the Flavourly community.

What’s more, the beers are made to order and are often in and out of our warehouse in a matter of weeks. This ensures that the Flavourly community are receiving beers that are incredibly fresh and tasting their absolute best.

How do the breweries benefit?

Let’s not sugar-coat things; life as a brewer can be tough. We’re incredibly fortunate that the main motivation for those leading the charge in this craft beer revolution isn’t money, it’s passion for great beer, but that comes with some challenges. For instance, there are more breweries in the UK than ever before but, as a nation, we’re drinking less beer.

By partnering with some of our heroes in the craft beer industry (we only work with breweries we love and believe in), we’re able to help them take the next step on their journey. We collaborate with these breweries to make exclusive ranges just for the Flavourly community, with recipes developed using real ratings, reviews and feedback by Flavourly customers.

We buy the beers in big volumes which gives these breweries some much needed volume, increases their efficiencies, allows them to negotiate better rates on ingredients, invest in new equipment and so much more.

Most importantly, though, we’re able to get their beers into the fridges (and mouths) of more beer drinkers up-and-down the country. This helps these brewers to grow their brand and get their stories out there.

Flavourly x Fourpure - Citrus Pale Ale Can

Bold flavours of tangerine and citrus fruits are the standouts in this easy-drinking, full-flavoured pale ale.

Flavourly x Fourpure - Comet

A beautifully balanced lager with two German-grown hops at the centre of it, Comet and Cascade; crisp and refreshing with the perfect amount of hop bitterness.

Flavourly x Fourpure - Doozie

An undeniable Doozie of a session IPA. A trio of bold American hops layer citrus and tropical fruit flavours on a clean, balanced 4.2% body. Full-on flavours yet oh-so-drinkable.

Discover Craft Beer

Discover an exclusive collaboration range of craft beer not available anywhere else, from award winning breweries.


As well as incredible small batch craft beers, you'll also get a copy of the Flavourly Magazine, containing features and articles all about the beer industry including delicious recipes and more.

Great tasting beer

Our range was inspired by customer ratings and reviews, and is brewed fresh just for the Flavourly community