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Brehon Brewhouse

Irish Beer, Crafted By Hand

Nestled amongst the rolling Ulster countryside, in a county of drumlins and stony grey soils is the Brehon Brewhouse. Brehon is a small set of old Irish homesteads rattling quietly away to turn out beers that effortlessly reflect the surroundings in which they’re made. Seamus McMahon and the team hum away with great care and affection taking the imbiber to a sun rain lathered field of unspoiled green grass! So green and unspoiled, in fact, that the milk that Seamus and the team turn out from their herd of cattle makes its way into one of Ireland's famous cream and whisky-based drinks.

Slainte agus Muineachán Abú!

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Blonde 20 Case by Brehon Brewhouse
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3 Stars
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Killanny Red 20 Case by Brehon Brewhouse
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4 Stars
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