A Day In The Life Of: A Brewers Assistant

Dom from Cocksure Brewing Co. takes us through a typical day at the Bristol brewery…

8:30 – The day begins with a commute through the bustling Bristol city centre. Having navigated through the morning rush hour, the wind and the rain, I arrive at the brewery to begin for a nine o’clock mash in.

9:00 –  After loading up almost a half a tonne worth of malt, and hand-poured it into the mash tun, the mash is set
by 9:15 and is left to rest for an hour. However, there is no rest for me as I then move off to prep for the rest of the day – today we are racking some beer. Having set up for sparging, it gives me about half an hour to start washing, de-gassing and priming the kegs and casks.

However, before I have made much of a dent in the 50-odd units needed for racking, it’s time for the first transfer from mashtun to copper. Under the watchful eye of the head brewer, we begin the transfer.

12:00 – By 12 o’clock, we are able to dig out. This involves jumping into the mash tun and digging the malt back into the bags we poured them in from using a shovel. Half an hour later, having cleaned out the mash tun, it’s time to sit down for a cup of coffee and some lunch.

13:00 – After lunch, I begin racking the beer whilst we are waiting for the copper to boil. This takes us a few hours to complete. However, once again, before we finish racking, we have to ensure that everything is ready for the final transfer into the FV tanks. By around half past three, four o’clock, we have racked all the beer and set up all the hoses.

17:30 –  The transfer into the FV tanks is done and I begin the final clean down. This involves climbing into the kettle and scrubbing the heating elements, cleaning the floor and cleaning any brewery equipment used that day.

18:30 –  Finally, after about an hour of cleaning, I prep the brewery for the following day and, by seven o’clock, I am locking up and heading back through the busy streets of Bristol as I head home… However, if it is a Friday, then I open
up our tap room and begin working behind the bar, serving beer and snacks until around 10PM.

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