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A Day in The Life Of Lead Brewer at By The Horns

Ross learned the pub trade with Antic pubs for several years which really got him interested in the world of brewing. He got his start with another London brewery for a short while before jumping on board with By The Horns. Karaoke and his will to never be defeated are two great strengths, of course alongside brewing some awesome beer and managing the brewing team at By The Horn.

So, a day in the life of any brewer is quite a varied thing, whether it’s canning, kegging, brewing, tank cleaning (cip for those in the know!), racking or something completely different – like driving down to Kent with your boss to pick up a 4000L vessel! One thing is for certain, all of these tasks (in some ways the last too) involve one major thing: Cleaning. A brewer’s cleaning is never done, you clean at the start of a job and clean at the end and quite often during the task too.

Mainly though my first task is to assess the jobs for the day (generally I already know) and organise myself and the guys accordingly.

Setting up for the brew takes priority and starts with organising the grist (malt base for the beer) for whoever is brewing. Or, if you are brewing, cleaning the kettle and transfer lines, checking the ph. of the hot liquor tank is correct for our mash, and generally getting on with the brew for the rest of the day.

In the fermentation house, checking gravities of our beers in tank generally starts things off to which we will act on the various states they’re in; like dry hopping or cooling in preparation for a transfer to conditioning or racking. Once that’s done the tasks listed at the start of this piece are taken care of with the help of my colleagues to ensure we are on schedule with orders going out and all is to the high quality demanded by us and you!

No matter what the day entails, a quick half or two with the boys in the tap room for a refreshing drink of the labours of the day make it all worth the hard work!

Take a look at our By The Horns x Flavourly collaboration beers!

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