A New Adventure with Fourpure

Fourpure is fast approaching our sixth birthday and it’s incredible to look back on what we have achieved in six years.

From a single warehouse on a trading estate in South Bermondsey, brewing on a second hand brewhouse from Purity and delivering every keg out the back of a van from our small cold room – we will soon occupy eight warehouses on the same site, we can boast world class brewing and packaging capabilities, a small fleet of vans, a fully equipped lab with dedicated sensory programme and an entire warehouse focused purely on hospitality.

We have undertaken growing pains like all small businesses, but we’ve built ourselves around a strong team of incredible people and no obstacle has been too great. There have of course been challenges – one of the key ones being how do we maintain our culture and sense of identity through rapid growth? What does this mean for the Fourpure brand?

The answer to this is that we’ve had to continuously challenge ourselves and evolve in order to stay true to our roots and not change. Our team has grown, we’ve moved into new markets, the brewery has grown up around us and we have an ever-revolving door of new products, all of which has had the ability to distract from our core ideals of shared experience and adventure. How do you get out and explore when you’ve got so much to do in the day-to-day?

Co-founders and brothers Dan and Tom started Fourpure off the back of their own experiences growing and travelling. As adults they have been fortunate to be able to explore the globe, with fond times spent camping, hiking, riding, skiing or simply loading a van and heading for the coast, often spent with good company, good food and good beer.

This sense of adventure and exploration has always had an impact on the beers we brew, how we innovate and drive ourselves forward. Our early beers were all based upon classic styles that we enjoy on the road, predominately taking inspiration from US and European ales and lagers.

Over the last 12 months we’ve asked ourselves, do the stories we tell and the beers we produce encourage those around us to go out and explore, to discover new experiences and try new things. Are we energising the craft beer market and driving it forwards, does the look and feel of our packaging and communications reflect who we are as a business?

What we’ve discovered is that the foundation is there, our story is a simple one, our ethos hasn’t changed – we still send team members across the globe whether it’s events, collaboration or ‘research’ and we still look to learn and grow and innovate. We haven’t necessarily done a great job of making this message clear, but we feel we’re constantly improving. Our Continental Collaboration series from last year and reports from the road have given insight into where and how we go about it.

What we have found though, is that there’s a disconnect between our core brand identity, our core products and the strength of our adventure messaging. So, in the interest of evolving back to our roots, we’ve changed them. We have a new logo which is more grown up and professional and better represents who we are. A single road takes you beyond the confines of our estate here in South London to the open road and beyond.

Our packaging has also changed. We have introduced a new visual identity for our core products with adventure-themed names and imagery, new tasting notes inspire you to choose your adventure and get out and explore. A new brand device that we are calling the ‘runway’ provides a literal foundation to frame our artwork; we feel it’s distinctive whilst giving prominence to the new logo through the use of white space.

We’re unbelievably excited to be able to finally share our new branding and packaging with you. We’re proud of the journey we’ve been on to get here and like every journey before it, it ends with a few stories and a beer at the end.

Get your hands on Fourpure here!

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