Beer and BBQ Food Pairings

Wine and food is a pairing that is as old as time so why not switch it up with beer this BBQ season?

Burgers are the classic staple of a BBQ that everyone loves, if you are going for a classic burger with all the trimmings then a pale ale or a red ale will compliment all the flavours and cut through the fattiness.

If you are having a spicy burger then enjoy it with a pilsner to help cool some of the heat.

Suggested Beer – Pale Ale, Red Ale, Pilsner

Pilsners are great when pairing with fish like salmon or sea bass, as they are very delicate with a light malt flavour. Pale Ales also pair great with salon as they help cut through the fattiness of fish and compliment all the flavours of the grilled fish.

Suggested Beer – Pilsners and Pale Ales

With the richness of the meat and the charcoal flavour coming from the BBQ, a porter or stout is great to pair with steak. They are richer in flavour and the roasted malts work well with the steak.

Suggested Beer – Porter and Stouts

A BBQ isn’t complete without sausages and they go brilliantly with IPA’s as the citrusy flavours and high hops offer a cleansing counterpoint to the rich sausages.

Suggested Beer – IPA’s

Grilled Vegetables – Vegetarians and vegans shouldn’t be left out of the BBQ fun. If you are making vegetable skewers to go on the BBQ they match perfectly with German Amber Lagers, such as Vienna Waltz by Brewhive. It has the right balance of malty sweetness and bitter hops to compliment the grilled vegetables. If that isn’t your pint of beer, try a wheat beer with grilled vegetables as they are light and refreshing.

Suggested Beer – Lagers and Wheat Beers

If you want to find out more about food and beer pairings check out our post written by our very own Beer Sommelier Anna Aitken.

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