Cans vs. Bottles

While it seems like trends are changing, quite a few customers in the craft community vocally prefer bottles over cans.

While we always respect personal and aesthetic taste, this debate isn’t really a ‘Stones vs Beatles’ matter of opinion; the fact is that canned beers have a number of significant advantages over their glass counterparts.

First, there’s the issue of skunked beers. Skunking- an unpleasantly sulphurous aroma and taste- is only found in beers that have been exposed to direct light. Beers that have been directly ‘light-struck’ for as little as thirty seconds can be affected by a photochemical change that draws this unpleasant taste out of their hops, and since almost all beers contain hops that’s a big risk. Brown bottles can combat this, but a simpler solution is the aluminium can, which admits no light at all, and negates all risk of skunking.

Next is the matter of a complete seal. Bottled beers are susceptible to damage at the cap (especially in transit) which could lead to leakage or loss of carbonation and oxidisation, which makes the beer taste stale and cardboard-y. 

Cans are also far more easy to transport for our couriers and easier to store for you. We all love the pleasing clink of bottle against bottle when we open up the fridge but we’re all also acquainted with the sound of a little glass avalanche when your carefully stacked beer fridge has a bottle removed, causing your weekend’s supply to do its best impression of the last second of a game of Jenga. This is not as much of an issue with cans, which can easily be stacked on top of each other and lack that troublesome neck. 

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Written by Martin McLauchlan

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