Catching Up with Redchurch

We catch up with Redchurch’s Jeff Ashitey to hear what’s new with one of our favourite breweries…

Redchurch recently refreshed its look with some snazzy new labels; why did you feel it was time for a change?

The old labels were great when we first launched them but over the years we have evolved and so has the market. The calibre of artwork and design out there on beer labels now is incredible, so we felt we needed to brighten things up a bit and modernise our look. As well as the look the new labels are much more functional, they use the full space of the bottle and allow us to include tasting notes, so people know what they’re buying!

The new bottles look great but what about the beers inside them? Have you updated any of the recipes or are they the same great beers people have come to know and love?

Our brewers are constantly tweaking the recipes to ensure the beers are always as good as they can be, not drastically, but simple changes to the pH, the water profile or maybe swapping one hop out for another make a massive difference sometimes and that’s what true craft is all about! Knowing your brew inside out and making those minuet changes that make it the best beer possible.

The only beer we’ve changed slightly more drastically is the Paradise Pale which was always missing something for us, so we’ve altered the hop profile and will be marketing it as a Paradise Session IPA going forward, which is always where we felt it should be.

The beers seem to be scooping up awards left right and centre these days, do you feel like Redchurch is really coming into its own as one of the best breweries in the UK?

Absolutely. I feel we’ve always produced top quality beers that are technically great as well as being modern and progressive, we’re also now being given the opportunity to express some creativity and release seasonal and one-off brews, which gives us a chance to showcase the talent of our team.

I believe the brewery has had some upgrades over the past few months too with new tanks being installed; what is this going to allow Redchurch to do that wasn’t possible before?

Yes we’ve installed 2 x 20bbl vessels which allows us to do smaller batch specials and have plans to install a few more small vessels to allow us to rotate through stock of our more hoppy beers quickly to keep them as fresh as possible.

Finally, what can we expect from Redchurch in 2020 – are there any big plans on the horizon?

From a production aspect; expansion of the white floor and the addition of those smaller vessels is definitely in the plan for next year, as well as creating a dedicated raw materials store and streamlining the warehouse storage space.

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