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Celebrating One On Us

Following on from Brewgooder’s incredible One On US campaign – which saw 25,000 beers and messages of appreciation donated to frontline NHS workers during the pandemic lockdown – this brand new beer released just in time for the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the NHS on July 5th 1948.

The 3.8% Grapefruit Pale Ale, called ‘One On Us’ was brewed in collaboration with craft beer industry legends Williams Brothers and will be available exclusively via Flavourly.

The ‘One On Us’ campaign allowed drinkers to leave messages of support for frontline NHS workers as well as buying them a four-pack of Clean Water Lager, which NHS workers could claim, contact free, online. Some of the messages were also displayed across the country on advertising billboards and screens on areas near hospitals to further the reach of the messages of support for all NHS staff.

Speaking about the campaign, Brewgooder’s Chief Brand Officer James Hughes said “‘One on Us’ started as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted to do something that allowed people across the UK to show their appreciation to frontline workers they would never meet but were grateful for their efforts. Buying someone a beer is the national currency of appreciation and it felt right to try to get a round going for frontline workers but we were blown away by how many people got involved.”

He added: “The campaign demonstrated to us that our brand was actually about much more than providing clean drinking water, that it was about using beer to do the right thing and allowing others to show appreciation and generosity in tough times – and tens of thousands of people across the UK took the opportunity.”

Williams Bros added: “As long-time admirers of the Brewgooder mission, we have collaborated with them on several projects, such as their recent Global Gathering campaign. It was an honour to work with them as the Brew Team behind One On Us and spread the message nationally through Flavourly.”

Grab a case here!

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