Crowdsourced Collaboration: Tiny Rebel x Flavourly

The story behind our new-and-exclusive craft beer range with the one-and-only Tiny Rebel.

Almost a year ago, Flavourly released Crowdsourced Craft Beer. Using the information from over 130,000 real ratings and reviews by the Flavourly community, we collaborated with the brewing brains at BAD Co. to make Electric Boogaloo, Flamingo Juice, Endless River and Pillow Fight. It was a landmark moment for us, with more than 100,000 cans of those first four beers ending up in the hands of craft beer drinkers up-and-down the UK so far. Now, we’re ready to do it all over again.

Earlier this year, we sent a survey out to the Flavourly community asking you to tell us what you wanted us to brew next. You came out in your droves, telling us your favourite beers, styles and brewers. You even helped us decide on a style for the can artwork. Over 2,000 responses later, we had a pretty good idea of what you wanted to drink. The next stage was to find a brewing partner who could make those beery dreams a reality. We decided to aim high and, safe to say, it paid off.

We’ve only gone and got Tiny Rebel to brew them!

Though we don’t have to tell you, Tiny Rebel are easily one of the most exciting breweries on the UK craft beer scene and have been shaking things up since that little, ragged bear first emerged.

From their core range to seasonal specials and one-offs, they consistently brew craft beers that are seriously well-made and mind-blowingly packed with flavour. In simple terms, they make bloody good beer and we are incredibly humbled that they decided to join us on this journey.

Brad Cummings, Tiny Rebel co-founder had this to say about the team-up: “We’re really excited to partner with Flavourly to offer super fresh, incredible tasting beers to subscribers. The concept is really interesting – our drinkers are the people we brew for, and we started Tiny Rebel so we could make the beers we wanted to drink.

“Putting the decision directly in the hands of those who will drink it is a bit different to how it usually works, but it’s the clearest and most direct way of finding out what people want to drink. The result is six fantastic beers with very different flavour profiles that we’re really proud of and we can’t wait to see reach drinkers in their Flavourly boxes.”

Crowdsourced Collaboration at its best! 🍻

As Brad said, using your feedback, they’ve developed a range of six, different craft beers that are available exclusively on right now. First up, there’s the thirst-quenching but super-flavoursome Craft Lager, Radio Laga. Next is our new go-to IPA, Disco Nap, hopped to the nines with Mosaic, Citra and Simcoe. One for chilling out, Lazy Boy is a sessionable Golden Ale with a light, citrus spice. Blue Monday is a moreish Pale Ale you’ll come back to again and again. And Woo Loo Moo Loo is a Milk Stout hat’s as delicious to drink as it’s fun to say. Last but not least, Pango – a Peach and Mango IPA – is just sensational. Seriously, you have to try it.

Each of these six beers offers something different, but with drinkability at the forefront; these are beers that can be enjoyed over and over again. As Tiny Rebel describe them: “The beers selected by the Flavourly membership are all easy, sessionable and drinkable. There’s nothing too extreme here, which means it’s a perfect entry point for craft beer novices, and also great quality beers for veterans of the beer world.

“They’re beers that might open your eyes to a new world of flavour or will be an easy brew to pick up after a long day. They’re beers for beer fans of all levels.”

While the concept is unique and the beers themselves are the stars of the show, there’s another perk to this partnership. As Tiny Rebel have outlined: “The other massive benefit is that this beer is fresh. Super fresh. These beers are brewed to order and will be in your Flavourly boxes weeks after packaging them at our brewery, rather than months.

We’re so incredibly proud to introduce you to this latest Crowdsourced Collaboration and we feel honoured to have such an active and engaged community who takes part in projects like with us. However, from one beer geek to another, let us stop and consider something for a moment. The one-and-only Tiny Rebel have released six, brand-new, delicious beers… And they’re just for you.

Written by: Kevin O’Donnell

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