Food Pairings: Cheese and Beer

Wild Beer Co, who have provided us with many of the delightful beers in this month’s Beer Club Discovery Box, share their home with a cheesemaker. So we thought now was as good a time as any to share our ultimate cheese and beer pairings.

More so than any other brewery we can think of, Wild Beer Co are intrinsically linked with cheese. They share their home with traditional Somerset cheesemakers Westcombe Dairy – with whom they have also held multiple beer and cheese festivals over the years – and the flavour profiles of their brews make for some of the best pairings we can imagine. This month seemed like the perfect time to dive head first into the world of cheese and beer pairing and surface with some of the best matches you can try with the Wild Beer Co beers in this month’s Craft Beer Club boxes.

The pairings have been selected by Flavourly’s beer buying team, Anna Aitken and Rob Gilmour, who know a thing or two when it comes to beer and food pairing, and they’ll be explaining the whats and whys of their choices. These are just our selections, borne from experience and personal preference. We can’t stress enough how important (and fun) it is to experiment and play around to find your very own perfect match. Why not grab one of your Wild Beer Co beers and try it with several different cheeses and decide which you prefer? If you find a new-and-amazing beer and cheese pairing, don’t keep it a secret! We’d love to hear about it…

Cornish Yarg & FRESH

Yarg is a Cornish cheese that is wrapped in nettles, which goes well with the grassy, herb aromas of the hops in the aptly-named Fresh pale ale. Inside is a crumbly, lemony yellow cheese with a tanginess that echoes the ale’s citrus flavours while a burst of pleasant hop bitterness enhances the sweetness of the cheese.

Brie de Meaux & EPIC SAISON

While we wanted to keep it local and pair this with a Somerset brie, it’s important to keep in mind the intensity of flavor when choosing beer and food pairings. The earthy character of the saison yeast complements the mushroom and almond flavours that can be present in a ripe Brie de Meaux. The dry and sparkly beer refreshes the mouth after the buttery texture of the cheese.

Goat’s Cheese & WILD GOOSE CHASE

The sharpness of the gooseberries in the beer will contrast well with a pungent hard goats cheese, and this will work in the same way with a creamy soft goats cheese – a classic match for a pale ale, with the alcohol and carbonation cleansing the palate between mouthfuls, keeping the flavours fresh.


Chocolate and Salted Caramel beer surely calls for a dessert, and there is nothing stopping you trying this with a classic tiramisu made with mascarpone. But if like us, you prefer a savoury finish to a meal, it may surprise you that Millionaire will go beautifully with blue cheese. Stouts and porters are a classic match for stilton, but Millionaire is a notch up on sweetness and has an additional salty element that will complement the same in the Roquefort.

Words by Kevin O’Donnell, Pairings by Anna Aitken and Rob Gilmour. Originally published in issue 18 of Flavourly magazine.

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