Hot Dog Day 2018: Perfect Beer and Hot Dog Pairings

Forget The Open, Wimbledon and The World Cup – the 18th of July is, to be frank, one of the biggest dates on the social calendar.

That’s right: It’s International Hot Dog Day. And there could be no greater mid-summer pairing than a cold craft beer and a hot dog. So, to help you make the most of this momentous occasion, we’ve suggested a few of the best hot dog toppings to perfectly complement our favourite beers.

We’ve done the leg-work – all you’ve got to do is grab a freshly toasted bun, a good quality frankfurter and pile these toppings high!


Wild Beer, Epic Saison + Sweet and Sour Dog

The beer: Go for an earthy, sharp saison – like Epic Saison by Wild Beer – that’s packed with zesty tropical and citrus fruits as well as some spices.

The topping: Sticky caramelised onions and tangy coriander salsa will work in perfect harmony to really bring out the unusual and highly delicious flavourings in your saison.

To make it: Throw on some caramelised onions, mix half a fresh red onion with some shredded coriander, two diced up red chillies, a drizzle of olive oil and a tsp of red wine vinegar, to make a salsa and pile it on top.


 Tiny Rebel, Dutty IPA + Chilli Dog

The beer: We suggest a classic, full-flavour, hoppy IPA with some crisp juicy notes. Dutty by Tiny Rebel does the trick.

The topping:  There could be no other it’s got to be everyone’s favourite – sloppy chilli and melty cheddar cheese.


To make it: Use your favourite chilli con carne recipe, load it on to your hot dog and top with grated cheddar cheese. Simple!


Tiny Rebel, Dirty Stop Out + BBQ Blue Cheese Dog

The beer: Pick an oaty, smoked, ale which is full-bodied and has a good kick. We’d say you’d be hard-pressed to find one more befitting than Dirty Stop Out by Tiny rebel.

The topping: Strong, creamy blue cheese with chives, for added texture, and sticky sweet barbeque sauce. Work wonders in enhancing the smoky flavours in the ale.

To make it: Crumble up a small amount of blue cheese, mix in some chopped up chives and finally, simply smother in barbeque sauce.


Fourpure, Pils Lager + Prosciutto Pesto Dog

The beer: Perfect for summer. A fruity, crisp, pilsner – a great choice would be Pils Lager by Fourpure – will cut through the heavy flavourings of prosciutto and pesto and cleanse your palate.

The topping: An abundance of strong flavours – prosciutto ham, and strong parmesan along with smooth mozzarella and basil pesto.

To make it: Place sliced mozzarella cheese and some finely grated parmesan on top of your frankfurter, along with a few slices of good-quality prosciutto. Put it under the grill until the cheese begins to bubble. Remove and top with a small amount of green pesto.

Flavourly, Flamingo Juice + Spicy Hawaiian Dog

The beer: For a slightly more unusual combination, take your taste buds on a tropical adventure. Our very own Flamingo Juice will work wonders as it hits you with wave after wave of fresh papaya and mango.

The topping: Flavoursome peppers and zingy pineapple and mango salsa will make the perfect tropical companion for this unusual beer.

To make it: Finely dice pineapple, peppers and red onion, add a tablespoon of mango chutney and a pinch of salt and pepper. Mix and chuck them on your bun. Top with spicy hot jalapenos.

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