It’s beerginning to look a lot like Christmas…

IIIITTTT’SSS CHRISTMASSSSS! Yes, after months of patiently waiting, you’ve finally got the green light to put up that Christmas tree without being judged on social media. Well, if you haven’t already.

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Whether you’re Santa’s biggest fan or you’re more scrooge than Charles Dickens on a foggy London morning, at least at Christmas we get the chance to eat, drink and be merry with family and friends, and there’s something in that. We stopped short of saying something magical, but there’s something.

To celebrate the beginning of advent, we’re serving up a veritable feast for the brewing senses and profiling five of the best brews to enjoy this festive season. From plum porters to ice cream pale ales, we’re sure these Christmas crackers will get you right into the holiday spirit!

Milk Stout Nitro – Left Hand Brewing

When the weather outside is frightful, get inside and wrap up warm with this chocolately stout. It’s not only delightful, it’s warm, cosy and really the perfect accompaniment to those frosty Christmas nights. There’s brown sugar, vanilla, a gentle latte coffee overtone and a deliciously indulgent chocolate finish. Fire lit,cosies  on, Milk Stout Nitro in hand. Bliss!  

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Plum Pudding – Wiper and True

Like having the most tantalisingly rich Christmas pudding in a bottle. It smells and tastes just like your granny used to make it. A range of dark malts are infused with that distinctive dry fruit and cinnamon flavour, with a touch of lemon zest making it one of the most well-rounded beers we have on site. That warm finish promises a delicate Christmas glow on your cheeks and 1970s nostalgia abound!

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Ice Cream Pale Ale – Buxton and Omnipollo

This beautifully balanced pale ale is a dessert-lover’s dream. It brings two of our favourite things at Christmas together, beer and ice cream! Malted oats are brewed with lactose and vanilla beans in what is a festive marriage made in Christmas heaven. It’s creamy, delectable and moreish, and we’ve no intention of leaving it for Santa to drink when he comes to visit. We’ll drink it ourselves.

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Ardbeg Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout – Black Isle Brewing

What’s Christmas without a wee dram? For the whisky enthusiasts amongst you, this barrel-aged Hibernator from the Black Isle Brewery was aged in a Single-Malt Whisky Cask from Islay, giving it a distinctively peaty aroma alongside roasted malts, dark chocolate, dried fruit and coffee with liquorice notes. Pour yourself this winter warmer and put the feet up!

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Safe Date – Panda Brewing

A special Christmas gift from our friends in China. Made with ‘old ginger’ from Shan Dong, a spice that is famous across the country, this warm and spicy golden ale is a beautifully unique addition to our bottleshop and surprisingly sweet. It’s like having a Christmas delicacy from another country, and really is the kind of beer that indulges the senses with fragrance and flavour. It might just be your favourite present this year.

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