Marshalls X Williams Brothers

Marshall have been enabling guitarists to take centre stage with more volume & attitude since 1962, now over 50 years later they are amplifying craft beer with the help of Williams Brothers. Three beers were launched in true Rock ‘N’ Roll style under the seven peaks of Drygate, with an evening of craft beer, street food and live music. Marshall Records artists King Creature opened the evening with a cracking unplugged set in the beer hall, followed by chart-toppers The Darkness.

The three beers were created with music lovers in mind, Amped Up Lager is a classic, crisp and clean 4.6% rockstar lager. A can that’s amped up with four hops and tuned for maximum refreshment with citrus riffs and a fresh, zesty aroma.

Next up in the line up is a Full Stack IPA which is as powerful as a Marshall stack, a fruity 6.8% IPA with light caramel notes.

And finally, Jim’s Treble is an 8.6% Belgian Tripel with as much character and inspiration as the iconic Jim Marshall. Only the Guv’nor need apply.

They are crafted for the crowd to be enjoyed whether you are at a gig, rocking out, or just enjoying a great album with friends on the couch.

Get your hands on these great beers!🎸🍻

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