To commemorate the launch of the ONE Single Hop Pale Ale range, First Chop has commissioned artist Georgia Haines to produce a series of illustrations inspired by the beers.

Keep your eyes on the Flavourly Magazine over the coming month to see the full set in all its glory…

About Georgia Haines:Georgia Haines Illustrator Portrait

Hi, I’m Georgia and I’m an illustrator based in Northamptonshire. As far as my illustration goes, I’d say I most like creating pieces that have sci-fi, eerie or mystical elements to them; whether that be a digital illustration or something involving printmaking.

When I’m not hunched over my desk covered in ink, I like to spend time outdoors, and if that involves a pint of beer in a pub garden then even better!  However, if it’s pouring down with rain then I don’t mind spending time indoors listening to my favourite records – typical art student, I know!


“Sticking with the theme of a wacky, inventive beer factory my inspiration for First Chop’s next release in their ONE single hop pale ale range; Galaxy, came from the imagery of old space invader video games and the radar scanners that you see in old action movies.

“This illustration started out with a generic sketch of a computer with a beer seeking radar on its screen that I then embellished with lots of over-the-top laboratory equipment. As with my other illustrations, I added a splash of deep navy blue to match the colour of Galaxy’s packaging.”

ONE Galaxy Illustration in blue and black by Georgia Haines

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