Pizza and Beer Pairings

It’s International Pizza and Beer day on Friday and you don’t need to tell us twice to take part in that! So here are some beer and pizzas that pair together very, very well…


With the classic pizza like a Margherita, it deserves a classic beer pairing, and you can’t go wrong with a Pale Ale. The malt in the beer will help cut through the grease of the cheese and balance the sweetness from the sauce. A fresh and hoppy pale ale will also help cleanse your palate between bites!

Why not try Levitate from our collaboration with By The Horns?


To go with the spiciness of the pepperoni, you need something big to pair with it like a seriously hoppy IPA. The hoppiness of the IPA will stand up against the spicy and cheesy delight that is a slice of pepperoni pizza.

Arcade Beerworks 1 would be a perfect match.


If you are a fan of mushrooms on pizza, then you should reach for a stout. The sturdy profile of a stout, with its rich, toasty sweetness, adds depth of flavour to the umami from the mushrooms for a pairing that cannot be rivalled.

Something like Black Isle Brewing’s Systems Theory would pair well with a mushroom pizza.


When you have a veggie pizza, you are tasting all the flavours from each vegetable at once so you want a light beer that won’t overpower them, so a lager would be a good place to start!

Pair it with a lager from Cotswold Brew Co and you can’t go wrong.

Comment down below and let us know your favourite pairings.

Written by Claire MacDonald.

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