Quantock Brewery x Flavourly

Quantock Brewery and Flavourly team up to launch
four new and exclusive beers.


Quantock 3 new collab beers with Flavourly

The Somerset-based Quantock Brewery was founded all the way back in 2007 ‘for the love of beer.’ It’s a slogan that lives at the heart of everything they do, with consistently brilliant beer the ultimate goal in every endeavour. From their traditional range of cask and bottled beer to their modern range craft range in cans, keg, and cask, the quality of that next sip of beer is just as important as the one that came before it, and all the sips yet to come. It’s the reason why they’re one of the most decorated small, independent breweries in the country. And it’s the reason why Flavourly is so excited to be embarking on a new, collaborative journey together.

Flavourly and Quantock have teamed up to create a brand new range of beers, available exclusively via and developed just for our customers. “Everything has been exclusively put together just for you,” says Cheryl Ford, Managing Director of Quantock Brewery, before emphasising that not only has each beer been designed exclusively for Flavourly customers, they’ve been created with the format in mind too. “It’s new territory for us because not every single style of beer suits a can. So, we’re making sure that every recipe that’s being put forward is as good as it can be in a can because it’s always different for cask, keg, can, bottle.”

“It’s taken the brew team outside of their comfort zone, asking them to brew specific styles at a specific ABV and, quite honestly, I think what they’ve produced for Flavourly is just amazing. They’re producing some absolutely fantastic beers at the moment.”

The Quantock Brewery Team

The four beers are The Masterplan, The Scientist, The Pretender, and The Captain which are an English Pale Ale, American Amber Ale, West Coast Pale Ale, and Session IPA respectively. Each beer is built on a base of British ingredients, with English malts and yeast forming the backbone upon which various hops combinations play their tune. I had the pleasure of catching up with James Higgins, Quantock’s Brewhouse Manager, to get the inside scoop on each incredible beer…

The Scientist, American Amber.

“So, for The Scientist, we started with our favourite ingredient of the whole process: The hops. What we’ve done is picked a hop combo that we used a few years back to great success which is Comet and Mount Hood. That was paired in a pale ale back along.

“For this, we thought we’d pair it with the American Amber. It’s something a little bit different that you don’t see a lot of. We did used to produce an amber ale, that was more traditional, so we’ve taken that base, tweaked it up, and combined it with this hop pairing.

“We’re really happy with it.”

The Masterplan, English Pale Ale.

The Masterplan English Pale Ale

“What we’ve got is a house pale ale base that we use to great success; we’ll use a strengthened version for our double dry-hopped beers, our NEIPA, and we’ve basically used a more sessionable version of that base for this beer.

“We don’t tend to use a lot of English hops in our core stuff so we thought it would be a good opportunity to use those types of hops; it’s a combination of Jester and Olicana with a boil addition of Bramling Cross.

“Mainly, these hops are quite herbal. In fact, not quite herbal, they’re very herbal in a very pleasant manner. There’s a slight tropical hint with the Olicana and the Bramling Cross adds an earthy undertone.

I’ve got to say, this is probably my favourite out of the four. With the neutral English yeast strain, it lets the hops sing.”

The Pretender, West Coast Pale Ale

“The Pretender actually has the hop combination from what was our most popular cask beer: Wills Neck. We’ve always toyed with the idea of putting that beer into a can, but we’ve decided against it. So, we’ve used this as a platform to trial that style of beer in a can.

“It’s paler and there’s less Crystal malt than Wills Neck but the hop combo is the same and the yeast is the same. It’s got American hops which are Chinook and Cascade; it’s a hop combo we’ve used for so long, it works so well in our core cask products that we wanted to give them a bash in can.”

The Captain Session IPA

The Captain, Session IPA

“Again, this uses our house pale base and we’ve used the same hop combo as our first New England IPA. We’re just looking to beers we’ve worked on in the past and what combos of ingredients have worked in the past, and pairing them with lighter, more sessionable ABV malt bases for this project.

“The hops here are Amarillo, Azzacca and El Dorado.”

It’s clear from listening to James that as well as a lot of love and care, a whole whack of experience has gone into each of the Quantock x Flavourly beers. He talks about hop combinations that have worked in the past, tweaking malt bills to suit new styles, and knowing exactly how each ingredient will play with the neutral yeast strain. This is a brew team that know their ingredients and how to get the best out of them, and it shows in the flavour profile of each beer.

“We enjoy the process of looking at what we can produce for Flavourly and doing that to the best of our ability,” James says, speaking of the development process and coming up with four new recipes in a relatively short space of time. “We totally relish the challenge of sitting down and putting these new recipes together. I’m excited for it to keep moving forward, to be honest.”

While the flavour box has been well and truly checked, another aspect that has been of vital importance to Quantock is quality and consistency. Each can proudly bears the Quantock logo and that’s something the team take very seriously.

“I think the biggest thing is them producing such a massive volume of beer and making sure that it’s consistently good,” says Cheryl. “You can make the best beer in the world, produce a million pints, but you’ve only got to make one bad pint and that’s it, you’re damned.”

“The brew team have relished it and taken it on. Watching them, I’m proud of each and every one of them and what they’ve done.”

“It’s been a big challenge for all of us but we’ve got even more exciting recipes to come your way, hopefully, it’ll be a long relationship.”

The Quantock x Flavourly range is available now via but these beers won’t be around forever, so I encourage you to try them while you can; they really are four special beers and the start of an incredible collaboration.

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