Style Guide: What is a Saison

Saison is a style of beer that originated in Belgium, named after the seasonal farmhouse workers of Belgium and Norther France – who supposedly drank them after a day’s hard graft in the fields.

It’s a rustic beer that is open to interpretation from brewers. They often use wild, top fermenting yeast and a variety of grains. They are known for being hoppy, malty and low in bitterness, with fruity or spicy characteristics.

They tend to have a dry finish with some sourness and high carbonation.

How to serve

Though ABV is not a defining characteristic of the style, Saisons will usually sit at the 6-8% ABV mark and are best served in a tulip shaped glass that accents the aromas, at a temperature of between 7-12 degrees Celsius.

Due to the yeasts strains used in Saisons, they can often be cloudy in nature; if you prefer a clearer beer you can pour slowly and stop before emptying out the bottle or can.

Food Pairings

With the amount of complexity and spice character in Saisons, they are best paired with dishes that also have bold flavours; avoid pairing these with delicate foods as the beer will overpower them. Great with BBQ, meats and cheeses, seafood (especially mussels!).

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