Style Guide: What Is A Session Beer?

While there is no set definition of what a session beer is (they can cross many styles), they tend to be moderate in alcohol: hovering around the 3.0-4.5% ABV mark. Drinkability is the key factor in the overall balance of these beers, with a flavour that isn’t too overpowering and can be enjoyed again and again; normally crisper and less extreme than a beer with a higher ABV.

The history of session beers is a murky one, and the concept of lower alcohol beers has been around for hundreds of years and, in modern times, session beers have had a resurgence as a sort of backlash to the higher ABV beers that started the craft beer revolution.

So, the session beer might be lower in alcohol, it doesn’t mean they aren’t memorable. The best ones have a balance of hops, malts, bitterness, or their own unique flavours, and some of our very own Flavourly Team members love a session beer! While the definition of a session beer is not as specific as other beer styles, it’s the idea behind them that gives them their popularity – you can enjoy a number of them while keeping your wits about you.

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