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Clan Brewing Company and William Brothers Brewing have teamed up to bring you four barrel-aged beers. The four beers were aged for up to nine months in oak, the base beer recipes specially formulated to compliment the provenance of whisky previously inhabiting the casks. Read on to find out more about this exciting collaboration.

Can you introduce Clan Brewing Company?

Clan Brewing Company was established in 2014 by craft brewing veterans Chris Miller, former MD of the Harviestoun Brewery & Scott Williams founder of Williams brothers.

We rely on Charlie Maclean (world-renowned whisky guru) to source the best barrels from the four regions in Scotland which are Highland, Lowland, Islay and Speyside. Charlie has been described as Scotlands Leading Whisky Expert, he has written more than a dozen books on whisky, won the award for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Scotch Whisky’ in 2012, and even appeared in the 2012 Ken Loach film, The Angels’ Share.

Your beers are brewed in whisky barrels, How did that decision come about?
Chris previously developed Ola Dubh matured in highland park whisky barrels and from this Clan brewing Co. has developed 4 beer types matured in regional single malt barrels.

Charlie and Chris worked for more than a year developing these four unique beers. MacLean put his knowledge to use in selecting the finest used whisky casks from across Scotland’s famed regions. From there, Williams & MacLean set about the task of creating the perfect recipes to marry with the characteristics of the barrels and the precious whisky they had contained.

What was the first beer you brewed?
The first beer was our spruce ale matured in Islay single malt casks for 12 months.

The ageing process varies in length from just a few months to almost a year, instilling flavours vanilla, oak or sherry until the Clansmen decided they had attained perfection. The results are complex beers that pack a real punch at 8% abv.

What is your company ethos?
To marry beer types of suitable characteristics with the single malt flavours soaked in the regional refill sherry casks.

Are there any exciting plans that you have for 2019?
We have launched a four-pack gift set for Fathers Day & Christmas 2019 which contains one brew matured in a barrel from each region.

Is there anything you want to share with the Flavourly audience?
Our beer Spruce islay won an international beer challenge award. It is a classic combination of two traditional methods of creating uniquely Scottish liquids: smoky peat on a sweet, resinous full body. Smoky, fruity, intense, full-bodied. Aged in Islay whisky casks for an absurdly long time. The perfect drinking occasion is to share these complex craft brews with good friends.

Try the beers here!🍻

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