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Take 5 with Farmageddon

Read on for our Quick Q&A with Eoin Wilson, Founder of Farmageddon Brewing Co.

First, how, when and why Farmageddon was founded?

We emerged out of the Belfast punk and MMA scenes, united by a love of good beer and hard work.

How has the brewery grown and changed over the years?

In many respects we have stuck to our roots, bringing the KISS – keep it simple, stupid! – approach from MMA and 3 cords of punk rock to our love affair with the humble hop, malt and pure water from the Mountains of Mourne.

This has informed our hop odyssey and lead us on a journey of discovery.

We’re delighted to have the Wee Gold, Pale Ale, and Session IPA on – what can you tell us about these beers?

Wee Gold was the second beer we created and has become a stalwart. Light, crisp and fruity, seriously easy drinking.

Pale Ale is a thirst quencher for the summer. Bitter and dry and very zesty. Loaded with Citra and Amarillo.

Session IPA is brewed with wheat for a fuller body, showcasing Simcoe and Mosaic with a pleasing bitterness; this beer is perfect with a BBQ.

Do you have any exciting plans on the horizon or new beers coming up that you can share with us?

Seven years ago, we planted a traditional, bittersweet cider orchard. This has begun to come to fruition with crops doubling every year. We are very excited to announce two ciders coming soon.

Also, the hops are growing very well this year, so we are hoping for a bumper crop for our fresh hop IPA.

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