Take 5 with Salt Beer Factory

Claire speaks to Nadir from Salt Beer Factory to find out everything about them and their great beers!

Can you introduce Salt Beer Factory?

Salt began with a simple dream – to brew great craft lager, but evolved into something much greater. Our mission is to produce showstopping hop-forward beers and couple them with an interactive brewery experience.

The name SALT comes from our home, the UNESCO World Heritage village of Saltaire. Our homeland was built by a super-progressive pioneer of worker’s rights in the 1800s. We adopt the same progressive spirit through our modern brewing styles. The inspiration of our forefathers can be seen in our name, throughout our brewery, and the textiles used to name our beers.

What was the first beer you brewed?

The first beer we brewed was Jute Session IPA 4.2%. Named after the textile Jute, one of the most accessible and versatile fabrics in the world. Over the years it has been used for fishing, manufacturing, household items and even clothing. Similarly, the goal of our session was to brew an accessible beer suitable for all occasions.

We put our spin on the traditional IPA, using a mix of Australian and American hops, keeping it naturally hazy and packed full of flavour. Jute is a crisp, light and refreshing session IPA. Initial aromas and tastes of citrus followed by a slightly bitter melon-rind finish.


Were there any parts of the journey, to setting up Salt, that you remember fondly or would rather forget?

The run-up to launch night was pretty hectic, lots of long days and plenty of beer and pizza along the way. The opening night itself was amazing, with stilt walkers, firebreathers, aerial acrobats and a brass band. Definitely, a night to remember!

There have been ups and downs along the way as you would expect from any new brewery but they got us to where we are today! A few stressful moments that we would rather forget but it’s all part of the steep learning curve we have been on.

What is your company ethos?

The mission is to unify our heritage with exceptional hop-forward beer.  Telling the story of our hometown and learn from the classics to make new, exciting, interesting beers.

We want to get good beer into as many people’s hands as possible. The goal is to open up the world of modern brewing and hop-forward beer, be super informative, engaging and interactive.

What is your top selling beer in your tap room?

Our top selling beer at the moment is either SALT Lager or Jute Session IPA 4.2%. SALT Lager takes inspiration from traditional German styles using all German Malt & Hops. We treat it with care and give it plenty of time to condition keeping it true to style. Jute is super accessible, sessionable, juicy and low in bitterness.  We see this as the first rung in the ladder to trying more challenging and exciting beers.

Are there any exciting plans that you have for 2019?

The whole of 2019 is pretty exciting! As we are only six months old we grow and evolve week by week. We have just commissioned our in-house canning line which is hugely exciting. We have plenty of collaborations planned and have only just scratched the surface of the style of beers and adjuncts we can use with our state of the art 3-vessel brewhouse.

Is there anything you want to share with the Flavourly audience?

We want to interact and engage with as many people as possible so please share your SALT experience with us!

If you want to take a virtual reality of SALT Beer Factory check this out!


Check out Salt Beer here!

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