Talking Beer with Redchurch

Redchurch Brewery in Harlow on location, inspiration, their ethos and future plans.

How, when and why was Redchurch started?
Redchurch Brewery started on Redchurch Street in Shoreditch in 2011 as a homebrew operation supplying the local area with craft beer. From there we moved under the arches in Bethnal Green, before moving out to Harlow Essex in 2016 when our brew capacity exceeded 100,000 litres. Redchurch was born of a passion for craft beer.

What sets you apart from other breweries?
In a field of ever-growing breweries making exceptional beer, its best to play to your strengths and be true to your vision. We are known for cleaner beers in a world of haze, and whilst we aren’t against making the odd hazy beer, we prefer them a little more polished. Our Redchurch Lager is our flagship beer which is an awarded beer from the Imbibe Lager Competition in 2018.
In a complete contradiction, we are also known for our sour beer division with the Urban Farmhouse project. Started by James Rylance now at Harbour. In 2015, we grew a good following and set the standard for sour beers in London.

Do you think the location of a brewery influences the character of a beer?
Location is only a small part of the character that makes up a brewery, at the heart of everything are the people involved in creating the products. The character of the beer really reflects the hard work, dedication and technical ability that goes into it.

Where does your inspiration for the flavours and ingredients of your experimental beers come from?
We’re very fortunate to have an extremely passionate and creative team with a tonne of knowledge about the craft industry, so our inspiration really comes from the people within and what they’d like to see come out of the tank next. Of course, there is always a bit of research into styles and trends but the special beers are prominently born from the hive mind at Redchurch.

What are the future plans for Redchurch?
We have exciting plans for massive growth and development of the brand over the next year. We’re modernising our branding and shifting a lot more focus on having regular special release beers. A canning line is also a very real possibility for 2020.
The team are excited and looking forward to much more fun and creative vibe going forward whilst maintaining the outstanding quality people expect from us!

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