Team Flavourly’s Favourite Beers of 2020

With 2020 in the books, we thought we’d take some time to look back at the year in beer.

It’s been a difficult year for everyone and an especially challenging one for the craft beer industry, but craft brewers have outdone themselves with the quality and variety of beer they’ve produced throughout the year. And, thanks to them, the Flavourly range has never been better.

So, with that in mind, we’ve asked Team Flavourly to pick out their favourites from the year as we reflect on the brewers who have helped us through 2020…

Kevin O’Donnell – Marketing Manager and Flavourly Magazine Editor

The Beer: Arcade Beerworks 2, by Arcade Beerworks

Why: Though I’ve had bigger, bolder, and punchier beers in 2020, Arcade Beerworks 2 is the one I’ve turned to the most and something that’s always been in my fridge since its release earlier this year. It’s everything that I look for in a classic pale ale; refreshing, crisp, lightly bitter, and incredibly sessionable. I can see myself turning to it throughout 2021 as well…


Assean Sheikh – Co-Founder and CMO

The Beer: Arcade Beerworks 4, by Arcade Beerworks

Why: Hands down my go to beer from Flavourly this year has been Arcade Beerworks 4 – it’s an incredibly easy drinking New England Session IPA. It’s delicious and refreshing with tropical notes, a full body with a little haze and is not at all bitter. At only 4.5% ABV, it’s going to be a tough beer to beat in 2021.



Stephanie Taylor – Junior Buyer

The Beer: Peckham Rye, by Brick Brewery

Why: Not a style I would usually drink, however, this beer has changed my mind! Peckham Rye by Brick Brewery is my favourite beer from 2020 – it’s one of the most delicious red ales I have tried. Beautifully rich in colour and aroma, it has a biscuity, almost sweet, taste but well balanced with a slight bitterness and is really moreish.

I have got to mention the can; it has the most gorgeous tactile feel which has a raised profile of the brick emblem embedded in the design – very stylish!

This beer (featured in our October Discovery Club and also in our Craft Beer Canvent Canvent Calendar) has started me off on a Brick adventure not only for this brewery but also this style – we’ll be seeing more from this brewery in 2021.


Stephen Beard – Financial Director

The Beer: Helles,  by Black Isle x Flavourly

Why: Malty, refreshing and full of flavour – a can of Black Isle Helles would float just out of reach in the final confused miles of my summer lockdown runs.




Annie Adam – Marketing Executive

The Beer: Arcade Beerworks 4, by Arcade Beerworks

My favourite Flavoury find this year was the mighty Arcade Beerworks 4. It’s a gorgeous punchy New England IPA with heaps of juicy tropical fruit notes. It reminds me of the hazy summer evenings spent drinking this which were pockets of respite in what has been a rather bonkers year! I look forward to more evenings of this kind and watching what else the promising new kid on the block Arcade Beerworks has in store for 2021.

Rob Gilmour – Senior Buyer

The Beer: Bitter, by Hilden x Flavourly

Why: Favourite beer of the year? That’s a tough one. Honourable mentions to BAD Co (Handbags and Gladbach), Anspach and Hobday (The Mild), and McColls (End of October) for making us some real ‘top shelf’ beers.

If I am honest, my favourite goes back to basics; Hilden’s Flavourly Collaboration Bitter. It might not have the instant wow factor of some of the other beers we’ve produced but, my god, it’s gloriously in its simplicity. Best Bitter is Owen’s at Hilden’s personal favourite style and its obvious this beer has had a lot of love.

On the nose it smells deceptively malt balanced – so think barley, Werther’s Originals, distinctively earthy and autumnal smells; it smells an old well-maintained pub, in a good way. The hop aroma is quite subtle, so you end up getting caught out a wee bit by the frantic, fast paced dance going on between the malt and hops. For all that sweetness on the nose, you end up with something big, strikinglu hoppy, and bitter but balanced.

Best bitter – just enough, and almost simultaneously not enough. I love the lack of additions or weird flavours – this style of beer is all about old school well-made beer that has drinkability at its core. Owen and the team at Hilden just do it so well.

Claire MacDonald – Content and Communications Lead

The Beer: The Mild, by Anspach & Hobday x Flavourly

Why: The beer that stands out the most for me this year is our collab with Anspach & Hobday. The Mild is a style that I have never come across before but it has become one of my favourites. Despite its lower ABV, the malt flavour was strong and complex. Perfect for enjoying in the evening!

Callum Robertson – Customer Service Manager

The Beer: End Of October, by McColl’s x Flavourly

Why: My beer of the year has to be End of October, our collaboration with McColl’s Brewery. McColl’s have fast become one of my favourite brewers this year, and this beer both celebrates the history of British brewing while elevating it to greater heights. Cheers!


Paul Kerr – Senior Systems & Solutions Developer

The Beer: Arcade Beerworks 1, by Arcade Beerworks

Why: Its easy drinking nature along with the balanced undertones of citrus made for the perfect, refreshing summer beer to enjoy in the sun whilst meeting family around the barbecue.





Lewis Lawler – Marketing Executive

The Beer: Yosemite, by Fourpure x Flavourly

Why: The perfect beer to end the workweek. Crisp, easy to drink and surprisingly flavoursome for a beer in its ABV range. As enjoyable to drink as it is to hear people mispronounce its name.

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