The four biggest trends in beer for 2018

It’s almost February. How’d that happen? Seriously. In fact, IT’S 2018! How’d that even happen? Take a deep breath. It’s all fine – with each passing day, week, month and year, we’ve got even better beer to enjoy! That’s something, at least.

And while this year might have started off full throttle, just like Father Time himself, the amber nectar waits for no man. Or woman. Even as January ends, there’s already a brave new year of beer in full swing, and we’ve been getting stuck right in.

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After looking at how things have started in 2018’s world of craft, here, we line up some crafty predictions as if a tasty beer paddle, and ask you to sample a little of each.

Here’s what going to be big over the next 11 months.

Craft Lager

Since the craft explosion of the last decade, lager has so often been the target of indulgent ridicule, as the beerclined sip away at double IPAs and imperial stouts, scoffing at such a pillar of mainstream beer production. That was before 2018. And, well, a bit of 2017. Lagers are resurgent across the beerscape and we couldn’t be happier. Cold, crisp, refreshing. There’s always space for a good lager. Trust us. We can bring them right to your door.

We’ve been including all kinds creative of lagers in our last few Discovery club boxes. Try Merchant City Brewing’s Vienna Lager, UBREW’s Gateway, an India Pale Lager or even the great Untraditional Lager by Pillars Brewery.

Milkshake IPAs

An evolution of the meteorically popular New England-style IPA, milkshake IPAs really are as indulgent, delicious and downright creamy as they sound. Lactose sugars are added to make these IPAs more hazy and juicy, resulting in a thick, creamy milkshake like beer that can be supplemented with oats, vanilla, fruity hop varieties and tropical fruits. Lush, juicy notes replace the standard bitterness associated with IPAs, and they’re coming to a palate near you.

Next level design – no, seriously.

Ok, so there’s always been a huge focus on the arty side of craft. But now, they’re taking it up a level. You’re going to see your favourite brewers go beyond just the label and suture their style through everything from the shape of your bottle or can to creative product launches. And we couldn’t be happier. The styles and designs of craft beer move in tandem with the experimental nature of beer itself, and it always makes for some cool designs.

Take one look at the amazing Omnipollo. Their beer, design and creativity is other-worldly and we’re delighted to have so many of their brews on site. 



While some brewers, breweries and drinkers will champion pushing the boundaries of drinkability vs strength, that’s no good when you’re out on a session with your friends. It needs to be drinkable, tasty and, perhaps most importantly, not get you heckled into a taxi after one and a half pints of the stuff. Sessionable IPAs and lagers are all the rage (expect a big Summer of them) and low-alcohol/zero alcohol beers had a great end to 2017 and start to 2018, further proving us beery types definitely just drink it for the taste. Ok. So, I made that up.

We’re always up for a good session. In fact, we always bring the goods. For the next one, we recommend the gorgeous Wild Gravity by Bad Co., Devil Peak’s Cut and Run and our own beer, the most sessionable of all, Endless River. But we’re not biased at all or anything…

There’s also our amazing Session Collection.

Click here for more information on our Craft Beer Discovery Club, where you get to try 10 new beers a month 🍺😍

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  1. No alcohol-free selection. I love beer but sometimes if I’m in training for an event I’m off the alcohol. It’s a bit frustrating that you don’t cover this part of the market – it’s massive now, too.

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