TRYANUARY: Five amazing beers to try

January isn’t exactly the most popular month of the year. It’s cold, wet and we’re all trying to shake those extra few pounds that come with the annual overindulging in pigs in blankets. It was so worth it though.

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It’s also a month where people resolve to change their lives, inspired by the new opportunity that a new year brings, only to revert to type when the somewhat dimmed lights of February come. It’s fine, we all do it. But what if we didn’t have to? This January, what if we tried something different?

#TRYANUARY is all about shaking off those desperate chains of self-improvement and dipping your taste buds into the beery waters, so to speak. It’s about challenging yourself to try new things, and not putting limits on the things you enjoy. And we agree. It’s exactly the kind of positive thinking we like at Flavourly, so in celebration, here’s five amazing beers we recommend you try this #TRYANUARY.

Milk Stout Nitro – Left Hand Brewing

We’ve never been ones to mess around at Flavourly, and we don’t plan on starting any time soon. This is a serious beer. Left Hand Brewing’s Milk Stout Nitro is one of the most highly-thought of beers on planet Earth, and it really does live up to the billing. There’s brown sugar and vanilla with just a subtle hint of coffee that’s more latte than espresso. It has a unique creamy sweetness with layers of milk and chocolate alongside rich hops. It’s like a beery mocha milkshake. One that all craft beer fans should have at least once.

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Mocking Imperial Stout – Panda Brew

A stout made with all the patience and poise you’d expect from the Far East, Panda Brew’s Mocking Imperial Stout is one of the finest around, with a special kick to it as well. This hand-crafted beauty comes from China, and is a powerful example of the art of brewing. Rich, sweet and with a toasted bitterness from some wonderful dark malts, the dark chocolate and rich espresso flavours are supplemented by a perfect 10% ABV.

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Dead Reckoning – Devil’s Peak

Big hops, big hit, big beer. Dead Reckoning is an American-style IPA which is hazy in appearance and bursting with hops. What makes this beer so special? It’s brewed in Scotland to a special recipe all the way from South Africa. Thus, it’s dominated by citrus, tropical fruits and dank notes. It’s full, luscious and intense. The whole thing feels like a South African getaway in a bottle, maybe with a tartan kilt.

South African beer, brewed in Scotland – get it here


Café Racer – Fierce

Café Racer isn’t just one of the most gorgeous porters that has passed its way through the Flavourly office, it’s also the current Scottish Beer of the Year. It’s a dark roasted coffee and vanilla porter with more than a hint of danger. It’s made in homage to those crazy bikers who lived out on the road, racing from one greasy spoon to the next, with not a care in the world. As dark as your favourite leathers, smooth as a Triumph Bonneville and as crazy as going ton-up and heading for the hairpin.

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Sur Sorachi – To Øl

Sours made a huge breakthrough last year, and if you haven’t yet jumped ship and screwed up your face like your ten year old self eating a tangy sweet, then this month is the time for you. This unique sour is one from To Øl’s sour series, and uses Brettanomyces yeast to create a unique flavour. It’s dry-hopped for flavoursome bursts of tart, fruity goodness. There’s a wonderful lemon thing going on over the top, and your guaranteed to be hit with a proper sour tang.

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