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The craft beer movement has brought with it a range of brewers who are making beer that is suitable for everyone to enjoy, we have rounded up a list of brewers available on Flavourly* that produce vegan beer so that you can try out the selection that is available.

You can read all about Vegan Beer here and how to know what makes a beer vegan. If beer isn’t your drink, you can read about vegan spirits and Gin here.

Keith Brewery Kegged and bottled are vegan, casked are not.
Wild Beer Co. Most are vegan, the ones that contain some lactose sugar are Millionaire, Pogo, Tepache, Wildebeest and one or two other specials from the past. They don’t use any finings.
Tiny Rebel Most of their small pack and keg beers are vegan, apart from those containing lactose (Stay Puft and variations of it, Peaches and Cream). Additionally, the cask version of Dutty is unfined, so suitable for vegans.

The Collaboration range with Tiny Rebel X Flavourly are all vegan except from Pango and Woo Loo Moo Loo.

Stewart Brewing All of their bottled beers are vegan-friendly, though not certified as this. This excludes Corpse Reviver, which contains lactose. None of our cask or keg beers are suitable unless they are classed as being ‘unfined’.
BAD Co. Officially their only Vegan beer is ‘Whiter Shade Of Pale’
Austmann Bryggeri All the beers are vegan. They do however add lactobacillus to their sours, which is a bacteria that is sourced from dairy product. They can also sometimes add “Biola” to those sours as this is a source for the lactobacillus culture. As such, the sours can sometimes have been in contact with dairy product.
Hillstown Brewery All of their beers are both vegetarian and vegan-friendly.
Eyeball Brewing All current 3 beers are vegan.
Edge Brewing Yes except for the beer that contains milk, bourbon milkyway, orange-choc & mint-choc milk stout, & pure imagination.
Merchant City Brewing All of our beers are vegan-friendly. We don’t use any fining products which could typically be unsuitable during our brewing or conditioning processes.
Brewgooder Their beer is vegan-friendly and has the vegan certification on all cans.
To Øl Any of their beers that are not Lactose-Based stouts should be fine for vegan consumption. Everything they do is un-filtered and un-pasteurised as well as bottle conditions, which means that no finning is used for removing the yeast sediments.
Flavourly Vegan Beer pack If you want to try a range of vegan beers, our sampler pack is a great option, with everything from an IPA to a classic style Pilsner.
Brewdog They are registered with the vegan society, so the beers that are vegan will have the vegan society logo on the side of them. There are some which contain honey or milk those are Jet Black Heart, Dogma and Electric India.
Devils Peak Brewing All beers are vegan.
Moor Beer All of their beers are vegan. They were the first brewery in the UK to stop using finings in our beer
Tempest Brewing Co All beers are vegan! Unless stated on some of their limited edition beers – obvious ones like their oyster stout.
Drygate The following beers are all vegan-friendly: Gladeye Bearface Outaspace Ax Man Crossing the Rubicon Disco Forklift Truck Chimera Seven Peaks (keg/can/bottle only) Pilsner

The breakfast/mocha milk stout ‘Orinoco’ is not vegan due to the inclusion of lactose sugar, this is also true of some of the small-batch beers but this is always highlighted as non-vegan and an allergen.

Their cask beers do contain isinglass, however, they are in the process of switching over to silicone and will make a public announcement when our cask beer is vegan-friendly

Omnipollo Most of the pale beers are, as long as they are not part of the milkshake and/or smoothie series or have anything in the name that gives the impression of that they would contain ice cream, cake etc. In which case they contain lactose. So do most of their stouts to give a richer and more enjoyable mouthfeel. In case you are not sure it always says on the bottle/can (in Europe) whether the beer contains lactose or any other milk ingredient as lactose is an allergen
Fourpure All flagships beers are vegan, as are the vast majority of other beers in the Adventure range (one-off and seasonals). However, occasionally some do get ingredients like lactose sugar added so keep an eye on the labels for that.

The Flavourly X Fourpure Collaboration range is all vegan.

UBrew Their beers are vegan
Six degrees North Yes all of the beers are vegan with the exception of their honey beer Bombini.
Black Isle Brewing Every single one of the bottled beers are 100%
Schoppe Bräu All beers vegan.
71 Brewing Their mandarina sky, Rhuby Weiss, east/west and Apricots in Belgium are all vegan.
Eight Degrees Brewing All beers are vegan they don’t use any isinglass
Tickety Brew All bottles are vegan, unless they contain lactose sugar
Fyne Ales At the moment, only the Origins Brewing beers are.
Hardywood Park Craft brew Yes, all beers are vegan, excluding those that contain certain non-vegan ingredients (ex: lactose or honey) which will be clearly marked on the label.
Fierce Beer Apart from Moose Mousse and the ice cream pass which have lactose the remainder are all vegan. We changed most of our recipes to be done cans I’ll still have old labels on them saying they had lactose. Can’t afford to throw them out but they are.
Gen!us Their beer is vegan and also low in calories at only 72 calories per can.
 Downstream   All beers are vegan.


*correct as of 04/05/2018. If you are unsure please check with brewers yourself.

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