Six gin cocktails to get you ready for Christmas

Ah Christmas time. Noel. The Season. Crimbo.

It’s a time of year for music and merriment, and although we might not all admit it, a little bit of indulgence. Just a little bit, we won’t tell.
It’s also the perfect chance to have a few of your favourite Christmas drinks.

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Well, you know how everything is always better with a little gin? We’ve put together this creative little Christmas list of the best Christmas gin cocktails around. Who said gin wasn’t a Christmas drink?

Trust us, if you leave one of these for Santa on Christmas eve, you’ll have a pal for life. And you know what that means. He’ll get you one back next year.

Anyway, try these out at home, and don’t forget to take some pics and tag us in them when you upload them online. Your glasses of festive fizz await!

Sloe gin fizz cocktail

The winter months are frosty and unforgiving, so let this fizzy, warming gin treat wrap it’s arms around you and wish you the Merriest Christmas.

Find it here:

Cranberry crush

Bursting at the seams with Christmas cranberry flavour, this is a pleasure to drink. It’ll warm you up, make you feel important and toast Christmas all in one.

Find it here:

Credit: Jessica Leibowitz


Rudolph’s Cranberry Antlers

Gin, Vermouth and a splash of champagne will have you as excited as Rudolph on Christmas Eve.

Find it here:

South side fizz

Tart, fresh, elegant, this is for those who like their Christmas spices and fruits. We’re all about those blood orangey flavours.

Find it here:

Credit: Maggie Hoffman

Under the Misteltoe

If the mistletoe didn’t work, make someone this and you’re almost guaranteed a kiss. This flirty number is as sweet as a peck from your better half and packs a playful punch too!

Find it here:

Hanky Panky

Fernet Banca anyone? It’s a bitter Italian liquer, and it forms the base of this warming, cleansing cocktail. It’s great for your digestive system, meaning you’ll be able to digest that Christmas dinner much faster.

Credit: Jessica Leibowitz

Find it here:


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