5 gins you MUST try this #GINANUARY

Gin glorious gin. It’s Britain’s fasting-growing tipple and, with a wealth of distilleries now available (numbers have doubled in the last five years), there’s enough variety to keep you trying and buying for the foreseeable future just yet. And while some of your besties are letting their bottles collect dust in the cupboard during dryanuary, #GINANUARY celebrates sampling the diversity of gins out there and is the perfect solution to banishing those January blues. Here’s five unique gins to try out this Jan…

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Kokoro Gin

About as rare and unique a gin as you get, this little beauty is an exceptional British gin with a distinctive Japanese heart. Kokoro is a London Dry Gin distilled with a stunning blend of eight specially chosen botanicals and fresh Sansho berries. Sansho berries are used in Japanese cuisine and have distinctly earthy, black pepper flavour with a piney, citrus aftertaste. The berries are imported from sustainable sources in the Afan Woodland of Nagano prefecture and, with one sip, this gin will send you back to the forest.

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Verdant Gin

Gin has long been associated with the seas and, although Verdant is distilled firmly on the ground in its home of Dundee, it is the rich trading history of Dundee and the banks of the Tay that takes centre stage. The gin is made up of ten botanicals which reflect Dundee’s trading history. Juniper berries carry the aroma from start to finish but this is alongside a fresh burst of citrus and warm spicy tones thatpass over the palate. It’s got plenty of character, meaning it’s a great cocktail gin, but works great in a traditional G&T also.

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Eden Mill Hop Gin

Eden Mill have always been ones to push convention. So, unsurprisingly, being Scotland’s original single-site brewery and distillery, they’ve got mega creative in this marriage of brewing and distilling. The gin itself is zesty and citrusy, with a delicate freshness brought on by hints of apricot. What’s unique is the thick rich finish of the gin, which is achieved using Australian Galaxy hops that are cold compounded post distillation. The end result? A gin that takes a great stride for both brewing and distilling, opening the door for more efforts in the future. A gin for craft beer lovers and gin connoisseurs alike.

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Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin isn’t just one of the most flavoursome, well-balanced gins on planet Earth – it’s a Southern English institution. The gin has been distilled using the same blend of seven exotic botanicals, soft Dartmoor water and pure grain alcohol since 1973. It’s wonderfully smooth, unmistakably British and a must-try for any gin drinker. It’s perfect in a variety of cocktails, or even with tonic water over ice with some lemon or lime. Plus, while stocks last, it includes an exclusive Flavourly Copa de Balon glass.

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Whitley Neill Quince Gin

This has always been one of the most popular amongst our community of gin fans. Rarely do those who take the plunge regret it, as this fruity, flavoursome, stunning gin always seems to live up to the promise. It’s a fruity twist ontheir standard gin, with ripe quince juice added for oodles of flavour. It has a soft peach taste combining with tangy citrus for a juicy, lush gin that’s all too tempting in a G&T. It’s perfect for a sunny day, or to warm your cockles on a cold January night. 

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