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In Scotland, Bothy’s are small huts or cottages that serve as shelter for hill walkers and homes for farmers, but this bothy offers something much more exciting than cover from the rain, in this one you can find gin! Based in Angus Glens of Scotland, Kim and her team hold dear to their hearts the traditions of bothy’s and produce from it delicious drinks.

You started off making jam, tell me how that turned in to making gin instead?
Having won a world jampionship at Dundee food and flower festival I started making jam in the Bothy, one of the by-products of lots of jam making is fruit and natural juice and rather than waste it, my mum suggested adding it to gin to soak which was what they used to do, people loved the rich fruit flavour of the gin liqueur and the Jam Bothy became the Gin Bothy!

What inspires you as a gin maker and how does that inspire the gins you make?
I’m surrounded in Angus with the best fruit in Scotland and a calendar that offers a different fruit or ingredient every month, we follow the seasonal fruit calendar and forage for ingredients seasonally i.e., Gorse flower, Lavender, Sloe berries. I take inspiration for the range from nature and adventures!

What’s your favourite gin in the range and way to drink it?
I’m loving our Stirrup Cup at the moment, it’s a 37.5% gin infused and sweetened naturally with gorse flower, fresh apple and ginger and although you can drink it neat is also great with sparkling apple juice and a slice of apple.

Can you talk us through a day in the distillery?
We distil one mile from the Bothy in a 200litre copper still and can create an average of 300 bottles per distillation, we then take our gin back to the bothy and add fruit and sugar to our liqueurs and hand bottle, hand batch and hand pour our range of Spirits, Fruits and Fusions. The distillery is the non-glamorous part of the gin world, its cold and the process is messy, but the finished result is always exciting!

Can you let Flavourly readers in on a secret about your next Gin Bothy project or what can we expect in the coming year?
Having just opened our Bothy Experience in Glamis we are excited about people being able to visit us and as our Bothy in Kirriemuir is too small we now have two tasting rooms and our Bothy larder shop in Glamis where you can visit 11-5 Thursday to Sunday, it’s great to have somewhere to let people see our love of all things Bothy! New creations involve a mixture of berries…Merry Berry!

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next and you can keep up to date with Gin Bothy here!

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