Introducing Letterbox Gin

Roses are red, violets are blue, Letterbox Gin beats dinner for two!  

It’s true. This delightful little box of romance is a unique and welcome alternative to the annual Valentine’s gift scramble.

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It’s sweet (both the gift and the gin), personalised and most importantly, it’s a special little something that’s sure to make that special little someone feel like the most important person in the world. Especially after they taste it 😉.

The gin itself symbolises everything that a good valentines present should. It’s subtly aromatic, contains a pinch of sweetness and it’s wonderfully romantic – right down to the gorgeous pink hue 😍.

The box contains two double measures (2 x 50ml) of the highest quality Honey and Raspberry gin liqueur. Doesn’t that just sound amazing? It’s our very own gin liqueur distilled exclusively for you, with that tender loving care, by those Valentine’s angels over at Strathearn Distillery.

Inside, you can also include a personalised gift message with whatever little love memo your heart desires – you can profess your undying love, let your crush know exactly how you feel, or go full-on, no holds-barred cheese. Poems, speeches, quips on the length of their hair or their crystal blue eyes. We won’t judge. We’re just proud to be spreading the love.

“Our army of little cupids arrow your personalised box straight through the letterbox of your sweet valentine”

Once you’ve penned your musings – unfortunately we can’t accept quill and ink by carrier pigeon – our army of little cupids head out into the world, fluttering their wings and arrowing your unique, personalised box straight through the letterbox of your sweet Valentine. Don’t worry, they’ve got a great aim.

The best thing? No one needs to be in to receive the gift as these boxes are designed to fit easily through a standard UK letterbox. So, your better half can come home to find a special something just waiting on them .

Click here to read more about Letterbox Gin and for presale information ✉️❤️

We also want to make assurances that your loved ones won’t be disappointed. That’s why we’re taking pre-orders now. We’ll be shipping all pre-orders out on the 9th of February to make sure your precious gifts arrive just in time, or on the day, of Valentine’s Day.

No more emergency battered flowers. No more desperately overpriced chocolates. No more worrying. Letterbox Gin is a one-of-a-kind, beautifully unique Valentine’s gift specially crafted for that special someone.

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