Perfect Gin and Tonic Pairings

As the weather warms up and BBQ season approaches, Gin and Tonic is the perfect drink to bask in the sunshine with. Flavourly is the one stop shop to find the ultimate craft gin and mixer pairings so take a look below to find some new G&T’s to try.

Looking for a classic G&T?

Pickerings Gin is a classic and favourite gin, one to be enjoyed with Fever Trees Classic Indian Tonic Water and a slice of grapefruit.

Tanqueray No.10 is perfect for making martini’s but if that isn’t your style then pair this with Fever Tree’s Mediterranean Tonic to match all the citrus and botanicals.

Another take on a classic gin is Edinburgh Gin with notes of pine, heather and milk thistle. Drink this with Fentimans Premium Indian Tonic Water to savour all the flavours.

Something fruity?

Manchester’s Raspberry Gin is made with the finest raspberries to give a beautiful aroma and an unmistakable pink appearance and is best matched with Fever Tree Light Tonic so that it doesn’t mask any of the delicious flavours in the gin.

Whitley Neill Quince Gin is perfect for those summer days. Peachy soft tastes combine with the tang of citrus for a gin that’s juicy and all too tempting in a G&T so pair this with Fentimans Natural Tonic and enjoy whilst sitting in the sunshine.

Gin with a twist?

If you want something a bit more unusual than the usual kick of juniper in gin, then McQueen’s Chocolate Orange Gin is the perfect answer. You can pair this with Fever Tree’s Indian Tonic Water to experience the full taste of this unique drink.

If you are looking for a gin with a twist Makar Oak Aged Gin meets that! This gin spends 10 years ageing in European Oak casks, adding a delicious smoky depth to the peppery juniper flavour for a smooth and rich taste. This is best served with ginger ale and ice.

Historically, Navy strength gins were required to burn a clear flame and that was proof the alcohol content was sufficient meaning the ABV is supplied at the strength of 57.5% compared to ABV of regular gin sitting at around 47.5%. Slingsby Navy has an ABV of 57.1%, Fever Tree’s Mediterranean Tonic matches the strength of the gin bringing out the flavours for you to appreciate.

Kokoro is a British Gin with a Japanese heart, distilled with eight botanicals and fresh Sansho berries that have a black pepper flavour so you don’t want to disguise any of the flavours with an overpowering tonic, Fever Tree’s premium light tonic is a great choice for this one.

What is your favourite G&T pairing? Comment below and let us know.

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