Tasting Notes: Gin Eva

GIN EVA’s Signature artisanal dry gin is a hand-crafted on the island of Mallorca. Its beautifully unique flavours and aromas are owed, in part, to wild Phoenician juniper berries hand-picked from the dunes of Es Trenc as well as classic gin-botanicals like coriander and angelica. Locally grown citrus fruits and herbs further enhance the gins profile.

Before distillation takes place, all of the botanicals are left to steep together and soak up the Mediterranean sunlight for a week, which adds to Gin Eva’s fresh, piquant, aroma and taste.

All the ingredients are distilled in a traditional copper pot still.
GIN EVA is the essence of one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean Sea, Mallorca.

Tasting Notes

A nose of citrus, juniper and orange blossom unifies with a creamy, yet zesty, palate. The lingering orange finish is light, elegant and adds balance.

Known Botanicals

Common juniper, phoenician juniper, lemon, bitter orange

Perfect Serve

Add pomegranate seeds, lemon zest and ice cubes to a glass and top up with gin and tonic.

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