The Story of NovelTea

Drinking tea has been a household tradition across the UK since the 1660’s, and British brand Noveltea has created the first ever cold-brewed tea that is infused with spirit. Founded by German Entrepreneurs Lukas Passia and Vincent Efferoth, who are based in Newcastle and call themselves ‘Geordies by choice’, they have adopted the city as home.

The inspiration for Noveltea came from their first experience with British Afternoon Tea culture and how there was no tea-based spirits on the market to pair with it. Lukas Passia explains “When delving into the popularity of alcoholic accompaniments, we were surprised that no alcoholic tea was offered alongside prosecco and Champagne. This is when we came up with the idea of cold brew teas after experimenting with alcoholic tea blends in our kitchen”.

As keen mixologists they have created three ‘tales’ each designed to take you on a journey of the tea and the complimentary spirit, they are Oolong Tea with Whisky, Tangier Tea with Rum and Earl Grey Tea with Gin. The tastes are inspired by the cultures and heritage associated with the origin of the tea and sourced from all around the world.

Taking inspiration from the flavours and smells symbolic to China, The Tale of Oolong tea with whisky, combines jasmine flowers, rose petals, mango flakes and papaya with the bold contrast of Scotch Whisky and oolong tea.
The Tale of Tangier tea is a blend of Moroccan green tea, spearmint, dried apple, dried lemongrass, blackberry leaves with Caribbean white rum.

This is where it started for Noveltea, The Tale of Earl Grey tea with Gin is an infusion of black tea with British Gin and botanicals, it is smooth and distinctive in its flavour.

Using the highest quality loose leaf tea, they cold brew tea and pair it with its matching spirit. Their concept is to pair tea with alcohol in a perfectly blended ready to drink format. The cold brewing process takes 10 hours and is designed to draw out the different flavours in the tea and creates a smooth taste with natural sweetness which removes the bitter tannins. They were the first company in the world to develop this cold-brewing process and you can enjoy Noveltea hot, over ice or as a cocktail ingredient.

Since it’s humble beginnings two years ago from an apartment in Newcastle, Noveltea managed to crowdfund £220,000 in 6 days in 2017, surpassing their original target in just 26 hours and have experienced rapid growth after a series of international listings including China and Europe. In 2018 they launched another round of funding to drive Noveltea’s overseas growth.

In May of 2018 they have become the only British brand to gain recognition with a global innovation award from SIAL China, the world’s third largest food and beverage trade fair. This seen Noveltea beat over 600 other submissions from all over the world and will see Noveltea showcased in Canada, Brazil, Abu Dhabi and more.
Noveltea is one of the fastest growing alcoholic tea brands in the world and has been named as one of the top new businesses in the UK, after being included in the Startups 100 2018 Index earlier this year. As for what is coming next for this brand, Vincent Efferoth told Flavourly ‘Following on from our successful crowdfunding campaign, the capital raised will go towards investment in research, development and innovation of new tea and alcohol blends, as well as developing an export growth strategy for markets in France, Switzerland, Austria, Japan, Singapore, USA and Australia’.

So if you have a penchant for tea and anything gin, rum and whisky then make sure to check out Noveltea as they continue to grow and watch out for any new and exciting tales they share with the world.

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