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It’s St. Andrews Day, let’s raise a toast to Scotland’s patron Saint

From the water of life, to being part of the construct of craft beer mania, Scotland has a rich and proud tradition of luxurious libations. And what better a day to celebrate them than the day of our patron Saint Andrew? The Flavourly office is in Edinburgh after all. It’d be rude not to. We’re sure you’ll join us.

In the true spirit of Scottish giving, we’ve prepared this list of amazing deals from Scottish drinksmiths available from Flavourly this St. Andrews. The man himself would be proud.

Slàinte Mhath!

To view the amazing range of local Scottish craft talent we support, just click right here.

Glen Scotia Giftpack


Oh Camiltun Loch ah wish ye wur whisky… Campbeltown is one of Scotland and the world’s most renowned and loved whisky regions. In fact, it’s hard to think of anything more famous than whisky when it comes to the small town on Scotland’s West Coast, and this giftpack is the perfect toast to hundreds of years of single malt history.

It has that fresh saltyness that’s synonymous with the town’s distilleries, and while Glen Scotia is known as one of the best single malts in the land, this gift pack lets you try three different versions. The Double Cask (46%) and 15 Year Old (46%) are examples of the traditional Campbeltown style, whilst Victoriana (51.5%) provides a peaty twist on the original. You can expect fresh citrus, creamy vanilla bean, and musky oak, and all for under £20.

Click here for more info on the Glen Scotia gift pack.

Scottish Beer Awards collection

From Aberdeen to the Borders, stopping at a bunch of breweries in between, these are some of the best beers that the thriving Scottish brewing scene has to offer, as judged by the 2017 Scottish Beer Awards.

The case includes; Fierce’s Café Racer (Beer of the year and Best Porter); three beers from multiple winner Tempest, including Best IPA Soma; Innis & Gunn’s Rum Finish (one of their two winners in the barrel aged category); Spey Valley’s David’s Not So Bitter (Best British Style); Drygate’s Disco Forklift Truck (Best Fruit Forward award), Brewgoodr’s Clean Water Lager (Best Innovation); Stewart Brewing’s Corpse Reviver (Best Sour and Master Brewer); and finally, Brewery of the Year Brewdog’s Jet Black Heart.

These really are the crème-de-la-crème of Scottish brewing; old St. Andrew himself would be proud. We can imagine him having a wee tear in his eye as our brewing compatriots went up to collect their awards, honoured his countrymen have been doing beer justice. What better a way to celebrate than to get a crate featuring all of the winners for under £30?

Click here for more info on the Scottish Beer Awards Collection.

Loch Lomond giftpack

Their history is steeped in the 6 celtic clans that touched Loch Lomond,
including the clans of colquhoun, mcfarlane, galbraith, macaulay, macgregor, menzies and buchanan with the first site of the former Loch Lomond Distillery dating back to 1814, sited at the north end
of Loch Lomond near Tarbet (known as Tarbat).

Loch Lomond Distillery is one of the most well-known producers of single malt whisky in the Scottish Highlands region. This taster pack includes 3 x 5cl bottles of the Loch Lomond Original (46%), 12 Year Old (46%) and 18 Year Old (43%). The perfect gift for any whisky-lover, whether a newbie taster or experienced connoisseur – if you’re not tempted to keep it for yourself, that is!


Click here for more info on the Talisker Gift Pack.

Why is Saint Andrew the Patron Saint of Scotland?:

Well, it’s a bit of a long story, but we’ll give you the jist. St. Andrew was one of Jesus Christ’s apostles, and as such, is a pretty important guy. Not only was he crucified on an X shaped cross (which looks like the saltire of course), but the old Pictish King Oengus I built a monastery in memorandum to him in modern day St. Andrews after relics were transported there in the 8th Century.

Not long afterward, his son, the aptly named King Ooengus II, was up against the Auld Enemy England in a battle near Edinburgh. Outnumbered, he prayed to St. Andrew offering him Patron Sainthood if the Scots and Picts won, and win they did. Legend has it that a saltire appeared in the sky over the battleground, inspiring the Scots to victory!

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