Valentines Day with When In Rome

When In Rome take us through the history of Valentines Day and recommends the perfect wine to celebrate the day!

Who was St Valentine of Rome?

Thumb through the history books and Saint Valentine of Rome remains an elusive character with a hodgepodge of different stories and characters associated with his name.

Our favourite yarn casts him as a young temple priest, who went against the Roman Emperor Claudius II back in the 200’s. Helping loved-up young couples to get married in secret.

Claudius was a true barbarian – in all senses of the word – who believed that married menfolk with broods made below par centurions and banned the poor fellows from getting married accordingly. But Valentine, a hopeless romantic, continued to perform secret weddings for smitten young duos. Until one day, when Claudius got wind of his clandestine ceremonies and had Valentine arrested, jailed and finally beheaded on 14th February.

According to legend, Valentine’s final message was a note to his jailer’s daughter – who he’d struck up a friendship with – and he signed it simply: ‘From Your Valentine’.

Poor Valentine. We love a good rebel, especially a good ‘love’ rebel.

So, this February 14th, let’s raise a toast and remember the young temple priest who kick-started a romantic revolution 1,800 years that’s still going strong… here’s to you Saint Valentine of Rome.


If you fancy trying a box of When in Rome Wine this Valentine’s Day, perhaps we could be as so bold as to suggest a box of the Merlot, which is a smooth red from Romeo & Juliet’s home town of Verona oozes good old-fashioned romance. Light and refreshing enough to be enjoyed in warmer weather – it can even be served slightly chilled – it also has enough body to remain as enjoyable during the cooler winter months. Enjoy a glass by itself, or with some Fontina or Taleggio if you’re in the mood for cheese as well. This wine is certified vegan too!

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