Vegan Drinks Guide

Alcohol is something of a minefield when it comes to ingredients and knowing what it contains, meaning that it can be surprising for vegans and omnivores alike to find out what is in their drink.

There are lots of spirits out there that are already vegan, and spirits are mostly a vegan safe zone, so we have rounded up a list of them that you can find on Flavourly.

Some Things To Watch Out For:

This list contains some of the main culprits that you should look out for in alcohol that makes them non-vegan

  • Albumen: which is derived from egg white
  • Albumin: from eggs or dried blood
  • Carmine: crushed scales of a cochineal insect
  • Casein: obtained from milk
  • Charcoal: often derived from animal bone
  • Chitin: derived from the shells of crabs or lobsters
  • Gelatine: from bones and connective tissues of cows or pigs
  • Honey: derived from bees
  • Isinglass: obtained from fish bladders
  • Lactose: protein derived from milk
  • Pepsin: a foaming agent in beer sometimes derived from pigs

Now on to the good stuff!

Below is a list of vegan spirits you can find on Flavourly, if craft beer is your love then check out this post here. If you are unsure about any of your spirit/alcohol you can check on Barnivore who have an exhaustive list.

Gin Vodka Whisky Champagne/Wine Rum/Tequila Other
All McQueen Gins Absolut Southern Comfort Moet Chandon Jose Cuervo Bols Bananas
Bombay Ciroc Highland Park Lanson Patron XO Cafe Bols Creme De Casis
Botanist Grey Goose Jim Beam Douglas Green Vineyard Shiraz  Kraken Spiced Black Rum Bols Elderflower
Caorunn Smirnoff Red Label Monkey Shoulder Douglas Green Merlot Captain Morgan   Bols Peppermint Green
Daffys Gin Smirnoff Green Apple Glenfiddich Douglas Green Pinotage Malibu Bols Raspberry
Dingle Gin Smirnoff Lime Johnnie Walker Douglas Green Cabernet Sauvignon Bols Strawberry
Eden Mill Stoli Razberi Mount Gay Bols Triple Sec
Edinburgh Jameson Cointreau
Gordons Disaronno
Gordons Pink Gin Fevertree Tonic Water – All kinds
Gin Bothy Original Fireball
Portobello Road
Pickerings 1947
Leith Gin
Strathearn Gin 



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