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Felons Gin

Distilled By Rogues’, this gin is a product of years spent serving drinks, sharing stories with customers and passionately supporting the drinks trade.

They are the Rogues, unafraid to innovate or defy the norm.

They heard their customers, they shared their confusion and frustrations with endless exotic garnishes and cryptic recipes and listened to their pleas for a 'really good G&T that's citrusy'.

So Felons thought, 'why the hell not?' and set about to make their own. A spirit that they would drink, their friends would enjoy and customers would love too. Creating a gin that was luxurious and full of flavour, but approachable and stripped back.

The result is Felons, a lush, refreshing and crisp small batch gin (distilled on-site in Rogue Bar & Restaurant) which can be embraced by gin enthusiasts and novices alike.

All flavour and no-nonsense, Felons need no more than a splash of Fever Tree Tonic and a fresh lemon wheel to create an outstanding G&T. It also delivers a delicious Martini, whilst its luscious texture and flavour means it's also great on the rocks.

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