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Landgarten are a Austrian family run business founded by Herbert Stava and Johannes Strobl in 1987. They produce ethical and high quality chocolate snacks with a healthy twist - their entire range is certified organic, fairtrade and gluten free.

'You must think outside the box to discover new things' was their motto when they first started to cultivate sunflowers, pumpkins and soya beans in Lower Austria back in 1987. Their family farm in Bruck an der Leitha, Austria, provided the best conditions: mild climate, fertile soil and sunny fields surrounded by unspoiled nature. A garden in its own right, 'Landgarten' was born.

The sunflowers, pumpkins and soya thrived and prospered and provided the base for the first organic snacks created by Landgarten. They were a big hit, and after gaining popularity, Landgarten expanded their range and now produce a wealth of products designed for the healthy snacker.

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