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LoCa Lab Distilling

Experimental, Exceptional, Utterly Delicious.

At the heart of LoCa lies a disregard for the norm. Using instinct, and a touch of science, they worked tirelessly to create the perfect taste. Fed up with the lack of innovation in the spirits field, founder and geek Sam set upon a journey to bring something truly different to the marketplace. His passion, pursuit of perfection, and slight eccentricity are all characteristics that can be found in every hand labelled bottle of Minus 33. Made with care, calculation and consideration, Loca Lab collaborated with the most talented minds in nutrition, mixology and distilling to bring you an exceptional product, free of artificial flavours, preservatives or added sugar.

LoCa Lab Distilling
LoCa Lab Distilling image thumbnail LoCa Lab Distilling image thumbnail
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Minus 33 by LoCa Lab Distilling Minus 33 by LoCa Lab Distilling
4 Stars
4 Stars

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