Blonde Star by Anarchy Brew Co

Blonde Star

by Anarchy Brew Co
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3 Stars
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Anarchy’s first and most popular beer. This light, refreshing golden ale lathers the tongue in amazing flavours of lemon, passion fruit and pale malt. The nose is sweet but not overpowering, with floral hints meeting honey and hops. - Learn more about Anarchy Brew Co


About the makers

Anarchy Brew Co The Small Brewery Committed to Big Flavours!

Fuelled by the realisation that the imbibers of England's North East were desperate for great flavour, the team at Northumberland's Anarchy Brew Co set out to do something really special! Back in 2012, they were just a dot on the quiet British countryside. Nowadays, you can feel their exuberant flavours on your tongue from miles away, with their work being sold in locations throughout the whole of Europe! Their brews, which range from citrusy, almost tropical IPA's to dark Breakfast Stouts, all taste amazing. They call their work "aggressive", and rightly so: the Anarchy team are brewing craft beer that packs a serious, flavourful punch. View the Anarchy Brew Co page

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