8 Ball by Beavertown Brewery
8 Ball by Beavertown Brewery 8 Ball by Beavertown Brewery
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Dry deserts, never-ending vistas, this brew is a nod to the big IPA’s of the US. A big chunk of Rye is used to give the beer a spicy, earthiness, mashed up with cara malts to create a rich, bold mouthfeel. Zesty Southern hemisphere and American hops are used in abundance to balance the residual sweet malt character. Masses of dry hops are plied after fermentation to spike a wild blend of tropical, spicy aromas. - Learn more about Beavertown Brewery


About the makers

Beavertown Brewery This. Is. Beavertown

A behemoth in the craft rebellion. Every aspect of Beavertown's brewing process is meticulously considered and their unique artwork is integral to the expression and philosophy of the brewery. Driven by passion for innovation and quality Beavertown are dedicated to brewing beers that create an experience and they crave big flavours and character in every brew. They continue to push the horizons and breakdown walls, bringing you along for the ride into this great world of beer. View the Beavertown Brewery page

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