Golden Ale by Bedlam Brewery
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This indulgent Golden Ale is one of Bedlam's most popular brews. Pouring a delicious, clear gold thanks to its roasted barley finish, it gives off a comforting, aromatic scent of freshly baked bread and butter. Things are a little sweeter on the palate with pale malts, biscuit and spiced fruits, rounding itself out with a bitter finish. - Learn more about Bedlam Brewery


About the makers

Bedlam Brewery Modern Brews, Centuries of Tradition

A farm lies on the outskirts of Brighton, and inside of it: a brewery. Bedlam's brewery to be exact, one of the industry's most environmentally savvy producers that we've come across in a long time! Everything from their all natural ingredients (a lot of which is grown on site) to their solar panel powered operation means you can enjoy these delicious brews totally guilt free! View the Bedlam Brewery page

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