Hibernation White IPA by Big Hug Brewing

Hibernation White IPA

by Big Hug Brewing
4 Stars
4 Stars
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Curl up and enjoy this clear, uncompromised IPA from Big Hug! A clean, sprightly nose of lemon and grains gives way to a flavoursome palate of biscuity malt, grapefruit and stone fruits. Big Hug chose to leave this unpasteurised to give the flavour notes the chance to shine, but have taken off a bit of its bitter edge making for great drinkability! Light enough to be a wintertime pick-me-up, a slight layer of snowy foam tops this crisp IPA off. - Learn more about Big Hug Brewing


  • Beer Style: IPA
  • ABV: 5.2%
  • Unit Size: 330ml

About the makers

Big Hug Brewing Ethical beers that give you a warm, fuzzy feeling!

They say there's nothing quite like a warm hug when you're feeling down. The guys at London based Big Hug Brewing are in agreement, using this as their starting point when they set up as a hobo brewery last year. Ever since, they have created tasty IPAs and Pilsners with intriguing titles - each one named after a different bear! Their love of nature doesn't stop there either. With every bottle purchased, you save 1 square foot of endangered rainforest. Now, don't you feel nice? View the Big Hug Brewing page

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