Black Wolf Lomond Gold by Black Wolf Brewery

Black Wolf Lomond Gold

by Black Wolf Brewery
£ 13.95


A bristling blonde beer tamed by Black Wolf Brewing Company, Lomond Gold tips the scales towards the sweet, while keeping fruity fangs bared for a finishing bite. Clean and sharp like Colgate-scrubbed canines, Lomond Gold’s juicy freshness is at once incisive and immediately refreshing. A nose of meadow flowers and lime zest open up the nose, and a cleansing citrus hoppiness pounces upon your palate, culminating in a sweetness that’s punctured by perfect bitterness. - Learn more about Black Wolf Brewery


  • Beer Style: Blonde Ale
  • ABV: 5.0%
  • Multipack: 8 × 500ml
  • Country: Scotland

About the makers

Black Wolf Brewery Beer Worth Howling For

Many moons ago, in the black of the night, Viking invaders were about to attack the town of Stirling, when a howling wolf alerted the defenders, who saved the town. This brewery pays homage to that wolf. Their new craft beers are brewed the traditional way but with a twist. Contemporary, surprising and full of exciting flavours... truly a feast for mind and belly alike. Proudly made with integrity and quality, but they're not afraid to break the rules to produce something that breaks the mould. View the Black Wolf Brewery page

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