Wild Killed In Action by BOM Brewery

Wild Killed In Action

by BOM Brewery
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3 Stars
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Adapted from their Wild and Funky, in remembrance of lost yeast, BOM altered the recipe and made this low alcohol dry hopped sour ale. Expect a light, easy-drinking ale with floral and citrus notes on both the nose and the palette. - Learn more about BOM Brewery


About the makers

BOM Brewery A malthouse and brewery in the heart of Belgium

Back in the day, it was impossible to even start brewing your own beer unless you had your own malthouse. As brewing got more popular, most folks threw that idea out the window and began outsourcing – but not these guys. From their malt bakery and brewery in the heart of Belgium, BOM spend time creating their own kind of malts, to make sure that the beer that reaches your glass is the most original and inventive drink you’ll ever come across! View the BOM Brewery page

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