Brew Barrel Dark Beer by Brew Barrel

Brew Barrel Dark Beer

by Brew Barrel
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Brew Barrel aim to make the process of home brewing simple and uncomplicated, with a range of styles to suit all tastes. Dark beer is full of roasted malts for deep flavours and a colour to match. This is one of the oldest styles of beer in Germany, a brew with significant heritage that’s rich in taste. Expect notes of coffee, liquorice and a mild bitter tang. The ideal serving temperature for this one is between 9 -12°C. The resulting ABV will vary from the 5% range depending on how you brew it and how long it is stored for. - Learn more about Brew Barrel


  • Gifts Style: Beer Kits
  • Unit Size: 5.0L
  • Country: Germany

About the makers

Brew Barrel Brew Your Own!

Unhappy with the lack of variety in commercial beer and the complicated home brewing process, Brew Barrel started their first home brewing experiments. Their goal was to develop a brewing system that is simple, quick and uncomplicated. During this phase they rethought and reinvented the process of home brewing so you could enjoy beer exactly customised to your taste! View the Brew Barrel page

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